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Stories from Puranas

  • Thread starter Thread starter Ramachander
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Uyar thiru ! Ramachander ji,

Excellent Contribution !
I am sure many will benefit from this site !
Very Good work! I really appreciate the efforts taken !
As A R Rehman said , If everyone excels in whatever he is good at , the world will be full of ' Great successful people '
I have been visiting the web site Celextel.org often. This site contains books and articles covering wide range of subjects relating to Hinduism.

Thanks to Mr. Ramachander for the post.
Scriptures and Slokas.

I shall be thankful if some one tell whether "Neeti Satakam" by Bharthuhari with meaning in English is available in any of the websites?

stories from puranas

Mr. Brahmanyan,

Bartruhari's "Niti satakam " in English is written by sri O.N. Appasamy
iyer and is available at Saraswati Mahal Library, Tanjore, South India.
Scritures and Slokas

Dear Mr.Ranganathan,

Thanks for the information. My experience with Saraswathy Mahal Publication was its difficulty to get the books published by them. However I shall try at Chennai. I found there is one Blog-site where "Neeti Satakam" is published, but not fully or regularly. Even "Celextel" which has published many good books has not takenup "Neeti Satakam" so far.

stories from puranas


I know that the commentary in tamil is available. You can visit either
Samskrit college library or Ramakrishna Math library if you happen to
be a resident of Chennai.
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