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Srirangam Margazhi Utsavam 2020


Life is a dream
Staff member
Srirangam Margazhi utsavam starts with Thirunedunthaandagam

In all the Vaishnava Temples Margazhi utsavam will start tomorrow with Periyazhwar’s Tirupallandu. In Srirangam alone it starts today with Thirumangai Azhwar’s Thirunedunthaandagam.

Reasons why Thirunedunthaandagam is recited for starting day of Margazhi utsavam in Srirangam?

1. Margazhi utsavam was started by Tirumangai Azhwar himself in Srirangam. Hence Periya Perumal gets pleaser to hear his charanagathi Paasuram (Thirunedunthaandagam)

2. Parasara Bhattar won Madhavan alias Nanjeeyar in debate using Thirunedunthaandagam. (Nanjeeyar became the primary disciple of bhattar later). Periya Perumal asked bhattar about this victory and gave orders to recite Thirunedunthaandagam as starting Prabandam for Adyana utsavam.

Arayars will perform 3 forms of arts – Poetry, music and drama infront of perumal to cover 4000 pasurams in these 22 days Margazhi big festival.

Arayars till day recite Thirunedunthaandagam 1st pasuram in front of moolasthanam few times. In Sandhana manadapam once again they will start with 1st pasuram abinayam and vyakyanam to start Margazhi big festival


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