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Sridhar To Sylvester

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At a namblava marriage, “When did your son return form the US???”, latha asks parvathi and the latter replies “Last week, you know now days he is not interested in ESOP”. “Oh is it, my son is planning to switch from XX to YY company as they are giving him 50% additional benefits, he doesn’t wants to go to US anymore”, replies back latha with a sense of gratification to defend parvathi’s attack on her US castle.

Alamu who is overhearing all these conversations from a distance is frightened to board this US castle flight as it is bound to pass through a rough turbulence, but parvathi is a strategist and picks up latha for guerrilla warfare, “Hey Alamu Eppadi di irruka, aathuku varathe illa, amam un payaan eppa US poran”. Alamu is pushed in a jittery within a jiffy. Coz the question is more powerful than “Ne kovilikku pogalaya, un payan velaiku pogalaya, paddikalaya”, she has a long face and replies, “Enga ka athukellam praptham venum, engaathu peedaiku athukellam arivu kidaythuka,”tears role from her eyes as if her son has created worst sin.

Alamu’s son is Sridhar is a English lecturer in a private college, ears around 15,000/= rupees a month and manages Manmohan govt’s inflation tactically with a typical middle class attitude, in general a nice gentleman.

The war between the mother and the son starts, Alamu with a furious face and says “petha vaithula perandaya kattikalam, padikkara naala padikama, …”, Sridhar like a scape goat, “Enna ennama panna sollare ennaku Maths suttama varala athukkaga English literature padichen athu thappa….” , Alamu looks at him as if “Maha pavi un jenmathara kadna theerkama vittutayennu..” Vexed Sridhar, doesn’t know how to tackle and gives at a glimpse to opportunities in the Hindu with a strong note, “ITES a new ray of hope to India. Making the middle class to multi millionaires”.

3 years latter, Sridhar now Sylvester (pseudo name), is getting ready for a project transition, he has to travel to San die ago, CA. “Amma, en ciggaratte lightera patthiya …..???, evalo tharavai solli irruken en thingsla kai vaikathenu, athu en client Mandy asaya gift pannathu, you know she is a sweet lady…”, Alamu goes flabbergasted.

End of the day, the society losses a good teacher, a mother looses a good Son. How many Sridhar’s are turned Sylvester in this society, and how many do we contribute, I plead this society to think from an alternate angle as money and especially US trips alone doesn’t satisfy our needs.
Thanks Bhaskarji for injecting something sane into the maddening few!
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