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Sridevi death mystery: Rs 240 crore insurance raises the question - Was she murdered?

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Sridevi death mystery: Rs 240 crore insurance raises the question - Was she murdered?

It has been a couple of months since Sridevi died, but questions surrounding her unnatural death show no signs of dying down. Claims of the life insurance worth Rs 240 crore have again raised the question: Was it an accidental death or a planned murder?
A filmmaker named Sunil Singh, who claimed that Sridevi was murdered, had moved the Supreme Court demanding a thorough investigation into the demise of the Bollywood starlet. The apex court however, dismissed his demand of any further probe.
Although Singh's plea got rejected by SC, news of an insurance money has now raised suspicions about her death. According to Singh's lawyer, an insurance policy worth Rs 240 crore was bought in Sridevi's name in Oman. Apart from the whopping sum, what makes it further interesting is the fact that it could have been encashed only if Sridevi had died in Dubai.
According to the post-mortem report, the actress died due to "accidental drowning" in a bathtub in a Dubai hotel. She was there to attend a family wedding.
While many had suspected foul play in the death of the veteran actress, the new revelation has triggered a series of reactions on social media. Users on Twitter are raising questions on the 'accidental drowning' that caused Sridevi's death, some even going so far as to state that it was a pre-planned murder for the insurance money.
Despite the apparent suspicion, scores of fans refuse to believe that the condition of the insurance and Sridevi dying in Dubai is nothing but a coincidence.
If the filmmaker and his lawyer's claims are not enough, retired ACP Ved Bhushan had recently alleged that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim might have a role in the actress' death.
Raising questions on the investigation of Dubai police, Bhushan had said that Dawood's influence in the foreign country might have caused a faulty probe. The retired cop, who runs a private investigation agency, said that he has evidence to back his claim, which he would reveal at the right time.
© Instagram Sridevi, husband Boney Kapoor"Delhi Police is investigating Sunanda Pushkar's murder case for the past four years and so far, the report of this case is yet to come out. On the other hand, Dubai Police gave a final report within 3-4 days that Sridevi's death was an accidental drowning. This creates a great suspicion in itself. This was a very serious topic and we have reached its investigation. We have a lot of evidence and when the time comes, we will tell the media and the people of India the actual reason of how Sridevi died," Bhushan had told Zee News Hindi Digital.
Meanwhile, people who had been doubting some serious glitch in the investigation around Sridevi's death, have now got new arguments to back up their claims.


Some people (like the proverbial elephant) are worth 1000 + gold coins alive or dead!

Added mysteries....

1. The discrepancy in the timeline of events

2. The impossible drowning on a shallow bath tub
( I can hardly keep under water with the buoyant forces and the large volume of my body and the small of volume of actual water in the tub)

3. Her coming back to acting after a long lapse

4. One of her close family member claiming that She and her husband were in financial trouble

5. Her selling off her properties

6. Her auctioning her paintings

7. Her daughter starting a career in acting even though Sridevi had explicitly said in many interviews that she did not want her daughters to take up acting but wanted them to get married and settle down in life in comfort and luxury.

8. The speed with which the case was closed and will not be taken up again!

Giving a State Honor in the funeral is one thing.

I think doing her justice is more important!
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