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Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatam

Wake up Lord Srinivasa, who is verily rAmA, rAmA, the son of kausalya, bravest of men, to do divine duty of causing prosperity to 3 worlds.

So we ask padmAvathi thAyaar, the ultimate giver to those who take refuge, whose Lotus eyes can wake up the Lord, Who is praised by consorts of other divinities.

Sapta rishis worship dawn, the sandhya, surrendering to it, and sandhya is waiting to surrender to you. Shiva, Shanmuga, brahma, gurus recite your trivikrama story. Breeze of trees and flowers carry their fragrances. Parrots in cage are squawking. Narada is singing to tunes of his veena. Flowing water carry the early morning pollens shed by bees, under your feet. Women are churning curd in goshAla, competing with each other. Bees dig into flowers, making huge sounds. Ocean of dayA, friend of the world, accept our request.

Hara, Brahma are bathing in puSkarini, to see you. Lord of Seven Hills, wake up. Siva’s attendants with golden crowns are gathering to submit to you. Kings of birds, snakes, elephants, horses etc are around you. Navagrahas, your least of least slaves also are there.

Allow me to come & see you, to be immersed in dust of your feet. Glancing at your gopuram gives mokSa. Praised by devas, garuda, gracious Lord, wake up. In you known by various names, Sri surrenders as chest sign, as parijata.

Beautiful Lord beautified further by thAyaar, wake up. Lord of ten avataras, wake up. Vaidikas carrying water with elaichi, lavang are queuing up at your door. Sri vaishnava’s ultimate desire is to make your place their home. Devas, Rishis are bringing in auspicious items to see you.

You are the essence of all knowledge that ferry us across samsara sagara. Oh Lord, on you Sri resides. Wake up, ferry us across samsara.

Though this suprabhatam is sung to wake up Lord Srinivasa residing in the temple, the real waking up happens inside us. With suprabhatam, we wake up the divinity in us in the dawn, to witness our thoughts and actions as sAksi, guide and evolve us through the day.

Sri Venkatesa suprabhatam translation sung in tamil essence in english. Do listen and feedback.


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