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Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Gita Upanyasam

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wow. my mother luvs it. every evening 6.30 she tunes into Pothigai for this very purpose. And I also heard that It was taken off you tube for copyright infringement.

anyways thanks for the info. I will get it. You know I have been following vellukudi and I have even met him. So stupid I'm I deleted that photo which I took with him.
Once I told him sir I see your show every evening in pothigai in tamil in hindi accent.
He asked onn oor enna? I said Delhi. Then he asked, "inga enna panre?" I said," padikaren." he was amazed," Delhi has everything but why u come to Srirangam? I replied sir here culture is alive. In delhi culture is destroyed.
Then he moved along. I seen him four times. Once he was with his wife near vellai gopuram, once he was preaching in a mahal about gita in srirangam agraharam, once i took photo. His tamil in pothigai is soo pure.
my mother said that whenever u c him touch his feet. but u know i won't do it coz I not used to it. but respect is there. that imp.
Once he was preaching and ppl thronged to c parked their TVS aside and just hear what he said. I forgot the topic I think It was something related to RAmayana.
I said sir can I have a photo with you. he said sure. He asked one of disciples to hold my LG KP199 camera phone and then he said lets stand other side the sun is reflecting here so photo won't come good.
He is former Auditor. great guy. talks so well. always whenever I saw him I said namaskar and he just smiled. his two sons are handsome hunks.

he runs a site also.
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