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Sri Rudram Chamakam - Tamil script with svara and the Akshara sabdha annotation

I would like to learn Rudram and Chamakam from a guru if that's possible via Skype or from any videos available. I can read Sanskrit, but would prefer a video link and/or a Guru. Please let me know of any recommendations. Thanks.
Dear Arvind,
Greetings. Tamil script does not fully support SANSKRIT phonetics even in theory. Plus all Mahamantras must be learnt from a Guru only. You can listen to the chantings of Kashi pandits who use the right phonetics, INITIALLY. But learning must come from a guru.
Hari Om
Yes i strongly agree that Sri Rudram should be learn from the best Guru, but how to practise it in the home, for that purpose this image files will be helpful. I have the best video to learn Sri Rundram. If anyone required tell me i will post it.
Dear Prasadsp, Could you please let me know the video to learn Sri Rundram you mentioned. Thank you.
Hello everyone
I am looking for a Sri Rudram Chamakam text in Tamil with svara marking and sabdha marking in Akshara( written as 1,2,3,4) on top of the Akshara
I too looking for Taitriya Mantra kosham tamil book PDF. I had already learned the portion of rudram, portion of chamakam and sri suktham from guru 25years back. Those days, its without book. Now I need to practice it. I have taitriya mantra kosam book, but not accessible as Im held in lockdown.

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