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Sri Raja Rajeswari Stotram

The play of Lalita may appear random to us, but she is playing it at her 'will', thus ruling as 'Raja Rajeswari'. Sri Chakra represents the Universe in terms of our consciousness, called 'cit', that manifest in all 'living beings'. Rajarajeswari rules this Cit from its center.

RajaRajeswari teaches us 10 ways she rules and evolves this consciousness ('cit') in beings. They are the dasa mahA vidyAs. In the first stanza, she is kAli (the time aspect) which is light, forceful, ever-renewing, gives sAmrAjyas to rule (at right time).

In the second stanza, Rajarajeswari is tArA who provides happiness/bliss, removes darkness with her light. tAra means who helps cross over. She is happiness that helps cross saMsAra (existence) or light that helps cross darkness.

In third stanza, RajaRajeswari is bhairavi who wears waves of champaka garlands of success because she is fearless, playing sweet veena, flute at all times.

In the fourth stanza, RajaRajeswari is the enlightener of mind and hence mAtangi. She nourishes like mother, though cAmundi (destroyer) also resides in her. Hence she is brahmani (creator), tripurantaki (destroyer), roudri (fierce), bagala (controller), Vaishnavi (protector), jwalamukhi (enlightener).

In the fifth stanza, RajaRajeswari is vArAhi who destroys the 'inertness' of Madhu-kaitabha, allowing evolution to progress. She is also the bagalamukhi who silences and controls her opponent mallasura

In the sixth stanza, RajaRajeswari is Lalita, the beautifier of Universe who creates, nurtures, destroys, enjoins all through nectar of pranava. Thus she is gAyatri. She is also dhumavati, who exists beyond all dissolution as OmkAri.

In the seventh stanza, RajaRajeswari is bhuvaneswari, praised by all vedas, as the mother of all forms from ants to brahma, the spread-out consciousness chain which is root of pancha-pranava, symbolizing Universe is one family.

In the eight stanza, RajaRajeswari is Lakshmi, the wealth rejuvenator of Universe.

The nine nights and ten days of Navaratri also represent the ten learnings we have from RajaRajeswari, to evolve ourselves. They are

1.Ever renew as in kAli
2. Be blissful/lighten up as in tArA
3. Be brave as in bhairavi
4. Enlighten minds as in mAtangi
5. Keep breaking inertia as in vArAhi
6. Overcome opponent as in bagalAmukhi
7. Join and create more as in Lalita
8. Realize dissolution is for all as in dhumAvati
9. Realize underlying unity of all as in bhuvaneswari.
10. Who realizes these reading ambAshtakam, realizes aisvaryam as in kamalatmika.

Sri Raja Rajeswari stotram translation sung in tamil essence in english

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