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Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtakam

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1) Namasthethu Mahaamaye Shripeede Surapujithe !
Shangachakra gadha hasthe Mahalakshmi Namosthu the !!

2) Namasthe Garudaa rude kolaasara bhayankari !
Sarva paapa hare devi Mahalakshmi Namosthu the !!

3) Sarvajne Sarvavarade Sarvadhustha Bhayankari !
Sarvadhukka hare devi Mahalakshmi Namosthu the !!

4) Siddhi Buddhi Pradha devi Bhuddhi Mukthi pradaayini !
Mantramoorthe Sadha devi Mahalakshmi Namosthu the !!

5) Aadhyantharahithe Devi Aadhyashakthi Maheshwari !
Yogaje yogasampoothe Mahalakshmi Namosthu the !!

6) Sthula saokshma Mahaaroudre Mahashakti Mahodare !
Mahaapaapahare devi Mahalakshmi Namosthu the !!

7) Padmaasanasthithe Devi Parabrahmaswarupini !
Parameswari Jaganmaatha Mahalakshmi Namosthu the !!

8) Swethaambaradhare Devi Nanaalankaarabhooshithe !
Jagasthathe Jaganmaatha Mahalakshmi Namosthu the !!

9) Mahalakshmiashtakam sthothram yah patethe Bhaktimaannarah !
Sarvasiddhi Mavaapnothi Raajyam Praapnothi Sarvadha !!

10) Ekakaale Padenithyam Mahaapaapavinaashanam !
Dvikaalam yeh patenityam Dhana Dhaanya samanvithaha !!

11) Trikaalam Yeha patenityam mahashatruvinashanam !
Mahalakshmir Bhavenityam Prasanna Varade Shuba !!
Not open for further replies.

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