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Sri. HaridAsa Narayanan's KeerthanAs

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
I guess my prayer is not sufficient to move the immovable! :(

May be prayer by all of us combined together become the 🙏

The Irresistible Force which The Immovable can't resist anymore! (y)

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
"Inti inti raamaayaNam" in Telugu means
"veettuku veedu vaasappadi" in Tamil.

Now that there will be "inti intilo raamaayaNam"
in addition to mahaabhaaratam stretching for 1/6th of the day,
my hopes of posting in this thread recede further and faster!

Raji Ram

Well-known member
Twosome is awesome according to me!

So, I shall post the songs, which my younger sister

Smt. Viji Viswam has rendered along with me.

One song every weekend! Hope you will enjoy.

Audio link - 'amaidhi nilava vENdum':

''amaidhi nilava vENdum''

rAgam: kEdhAragowLa – thALam : Adhi
janaka rAgam : harikAmbhOdhi (28th mELakarthA)
S R2 M1 P N2 S – S N2 D2 P M G3 R2 S

pallavi :
; amaidhi nilva vEN | dum eN | NangaL enum ||
; alaigaL adanga vEN | dum en | manamE ||

anupallavi :
; theemaigaL seyyAdhu | ; irundhida | vENdum ||
; theeyavar uRavaith | ; thuRandhida | vENdum ||

; nalla kalaigaLaik | ; katRida | vENdum ||
; nallOr natpinaip | ; petRida | vENdum ||
; allum pagalum sree | ; hariparan | dhAmanin ||
; alar malar padhangaLaip | ; patRida | vEndum ||

Raji Ram

Well-known member
Audio link for Amba Gowri Kamakshi - Bheemplas


amba gowri kAmAkshi

rAgam : BhimplAs – thALam : Adhi

janaka rAgam : kharaharapriya (22nd mELakarthA)

S G2 M1 P N2 S – S N2 D2 P M1 G2 R2 S

pallavi :

; amba gowri | ; kAmA | kshi ||
; akhila lOka | sAkshi | meenAkshi ||


; s’umbha nis’umbha | ; mardhini | amba ||
; mAm pAhi mudham | dhEhi | krupayA ||

charaNam :

; kanaka maNi maya | ; dhivya | bhooshaNi ||
; rathna kachitha ki | reeta | DhAriNi ||
; vanajAsanAdhi | ; sura gaNa | pAlini ||
; vanajAkshi hari | dhAsa | pOshaNi ||

Raji Ram

Well-known member
A cute little song praying Sri Hari.

''Bhaja mAnasa sree HarinArAyaNam''

rAgam- kurinji. tALam - Adhi

mELakartha: 29th mElam - Dheera s'ankarAbharaNam

arOhaNam: S `N3 S R2 G3 M1 P

avarOhaNam: D2 P M1 G3 R2 S `N3 S

; bhaja mAnasa sree | ; hari nA | rAyaNam ||

charaNam (1)
; bhaja chANoorAdhi| ; dhurmadha | haraNam ||
: sujanAnu raktham | ; guNagaNa | bhooshaNam ||

charaNam (2)
: gOvardhDhana Dharam | ; gOkula | nAyakam ||
: sree vathsAngam : haridhA | sa nutham ||

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