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Sri. HaridAsa Narayanan's KeerthanAs

The songs which will appear here (# 51 onward) have not been blogged yet.
So if there is any correction or omission, please kindly bring it to my notice.

To my knowledge there is only one song by Muthuswami Dikshithat on the Sun God.
May be this is the second one or may be I am unaware of other songs on Soorya.
From this website https://preview.tinyurl.com/sfd9rdl some more songs on Soorya:
Suryamurthe Namosthuthe - Saurashtram - Dikshitar
Adhityam - Mayamalavagowla - Muthiah Bhagavathar
Kaarya Kaarana Swaroopane - Surya - Lalitha Sivakumar
Padmini Vallabha - Dhanyasi - Oothukadu Venkata Kavi
. bhāskarāyatē namō namaḥ bhāṇavē namō namaḥ - bhauḻi - miśracāpu - Cidambaram V.V. svarṇa vēṅkaṭēśa dīkṣitar
praṇamāmi bhāskaram pr̥thivī prakāśakaraṁ - kānaḍa - ādi - nāgai NS ramasvāmi aiyyar
aditi putranē ādityanē - bēgaḍā - ādi - pāpanāśam Dr. rukmiṇi ramaṇi
Thank you very much Sir! 🙏
One of the upcoming artists told my sisters that so far there is only one song on Soorya.
Maybe we not be so gullible as to believe everything we hear from everyone we meet! :oops:
#52. ஸரோஜமுகி பாஹிமாம் -

Audio link to this song

ஸரோஜமுகி பாஹிமாம் -
ராகம் : ரஞ்சனி - தாளம் : ரூபகம்

ஆரோஹணம் : ஸ ரி2 க2 ம2 த2 ஸ்
அவரோஹணம் : ஸ் நி3 த2 ம2 க2 ஸ
மேளகர்த்தா : த4ர்மவதி (மேளம் 59)

ஸரோஜமுகி2 பாஹிமாம்
ஸ்ரீ வித்3யா ரூபிணி அம்ப4

ஸரஸ கு3ணாலயே மது3ரவாணீ
வீணா புஸ்தக தா4ரிணி

ஸ்தா2வர ஜங்க3மாதி3 ஸ்தூ2ல ஸூக்ஷ்ம ரூபிணி
வாஸவ நாரத3 முனி க3ண வஸிஷ்ட அனுக்3ரஹ காரிணி
ஸகல ஸுராஸுர ஸேவ்யே ஸம்ஸ்த பா4ஷா ரூபிணி
ஸந்ததம் ஹரிதா3ஸ வினுதே ஸரஸிஜாஸன ரஞ்சனி


#52. "sarOja mukhi pAhimAm "
rAgam: ranjani. thALam: roopakm
mela kartha : Dharmavathi ( 59th mElakarthA)

ArOhaNam: S R2 G2 M2 D2 S
avarOhaNam : S N3 D2 M2 G2 S


sarOja mukhi pAhimAm
sree vidhyA roopiNi amba

sarasa guNAlayE maDhura vANi
veeNA pusthaka DhAriNi

sThAvara jangamAdhi sthoola sookshma roopiNi
vAsava nAradha muni gaNa vasishta anugraha kAriNi
sakala surAsura sEvyE samastha bhAshA roopiNi
santhatham haridhAsa vinuthE sarajisAna ranjani
For the first time I am really wondering/ pondering / worrying whether
I will be able to post the remaining songs in this thread, the way I wish to do!

Nothing is certain unless ONESELF is both the Master and his Helper!

"மனைவி மக்கள் தன தான்யம் என்றிந்த
மாய வலையில் சிக்கி
மயங்கினேன் தயங்கினேன் "

இது அரதப் பழசு!

மாய வலையில் சிக்கி
மயங்கினேன் தயங்கினேன்"

இது ரொம்பப் புதுசு!

Social Network may be aptly renamed
as 'A Sponge sucking off all the free time! :(

This thread can continue ONLY if my grandfather (the composer of all these wonderful songs)
himself intervenes from his heavenly abode and blesses my sincere efforts to go on uninterrupted!
Wrong thread??? :unsure:
Maybe .............:oops:
But Right images!!! :cry:

NO ONE HAS FREE TIME for doing anything of PERMANENT VALUE! :(

I guess my prayer is not sufficient to move the immovable! :(

May be prayer by all of us combined together become the 🙏

The Irresistible Force which The Immovable can't resist anymore! (y)
"Inti inti raamaayaNam" in Telugu means
"veettuku veedu vaasappadi" in Tamil.

Now that there will be "inti intilo raamaayaNam"
in addition to mahaabhaaratam stretching for 1/6th of the day,
my hopes of posting in this thread recede further and faster!
Twosome is awesome according to me!

So, I shall post the songs, which my younger sister

Smt. Viji Viswam has rendered along with me.

One song every weekend! Hope you will enjoy.

Audio link - 'amaidhi nilava vENdum':

''amaidhi nilava vENdum''

rAgam: kEdhAragowLa – thALam : Adhi
janaka rAgam : harikAmbhOdhi (28th mELakarthA)
S R2 M1 P N2 S – S N2 D2 P M G3 R2 S

pallavi :
; amaidhi nilva vEN | dum eN | NangaL enum ||
; alaigaL adanga vEN | dum en | manamE ||

anupallavi :
; theemaigaL seyyAdhu | ; irundhida | vENdum ||
; theeyavar uRavaith | ; thuRandhida | vENdum ||

; nalla kalaigaLaik | ; katRida | vENdum ||
; nallOr natpinaip | ; petRida | vENdum ||
; allum pagalum sree | ; hariparan | dhAmanin ||
; alar malar padhangaLaip | ; patRida | vEndum ||
Audio link for Amba Gowri Kamakshi - Bheemplas


amba gowri kAmAkshi

rAgam : BhimplAs – thALam : Adhi

janaka rAgam : kharaharapriya (22nd mELakarthA)

S G2 M1 P N2 S – S N2 D2 P M1 G2 R2 S

pallavi :

; amba gowri | ; kAmA | kshi ||
; akhila lOka | sAkshi | meenAkshi ||


; s’umbha nis’umbha | ; mardhini | amba ||
; mAm pAhi mudham | dhEhi | krupayA ||

charaNam :

; kanaka maNi maya | ; dhivya | bhooshaNi ||
; rathna kachitha ki | reeta | DhAriNi ||
; vanajAsanAdhi | ; sura gaNa | pAlini ||
; vanajAkshi hari | dhAsa | pOshaNi ||
A cute little song praying Sri Hari.

''Bhaja mAnasa sree HarinArAyaNam''

rAgam- kurinji. tALam - Adhi

mELakartha: 29th mElam - Dheera s'ankarAbharaNam

arOhaNam: S `N3 S R2 G3 M1 P

avarOhaNam: D2 P M1 G3 R2 S `N3 S

; bhaja mAnasa sree | ; hari nA | rAyaNam ||

charaNam (1)
; bhaja chANoorAdhi| ; dhurmadha | haraNam ||
: sujanAnu raktham | ; guNagaNa | bhooshaNam ||

charaNam (2)
: gOvardhDhana Dharam | ; gOkula | nAyakam ||
: sree vathsAngam : haridhA | sa nutham ||

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