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Sri Bhairava

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[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Sri Bhairava is the guardian deity of the abode of Lord Shiva. Hence, he is also called Kshetra Pala. The term Bhairava means 'Terrific'. Sri Kala Bhairava represents the protective energy of Lord Shiva, that the Lord created for protection, during the creation-dissolution cycle.
He is the manifestation who oversees the march of time. The march of time is inexorable only because Lord Kala Bhairava makes it so. As the saying goes, time lost is lost forever. There's nothing more precious than time. So intelligent humans should use every moment effectively, ane be conscious of the spiritual path. And those who want to do this, have the divine help of Lord Kala Bhairava, if they pray for it sincerely. Lord Kala Bhairava worship is very important in this Kali Yuga. He offers protection from bombs, biological and chemical poisons and evil influences.
The Siddhas say that those who are connected with the Punya Bhoomi of Bharata (India) have a God-given responsibility to pray for the entire world. One of these requirements is Sri Kala Bhairava pooja for the welfare of the entire world.
There is a connection between Lord Kala Bhairava and Lord Lakshmi Narasimha, which is very profound, and not easily found in scriptures.


Prosperity consciousness not only indicates abundance in money matters but also refers all the good virtues and habits that we possess. If you want to get rid of your debts you need to do an introspection of why got into those debts in the first place. According to Siddhas, the debts can be classified into three types and they suggest powerful remedies to eliminate them so that you can begin a new life.
One way of getting into debts is that you live out of your means, that is, you spend and acquire more than you could earn or pay for yourself. The root cause for all these debts is that you would have enjoyed possession of someone else's property illegally in one of your previous incarnations. In this incarnation, this comes back to you in what they refer to as 'Runa' where 'Runa' refers to debt. The Siddhas advise remedies like offering fruits and vegetables like apple, okra/ladyfinger, eggplant/aubergines to Rettai Vinayaga (Ganesha) who happens to be displayed in as a pair of Ganeshas. In addition prayers made to Lord Kala Bhairava while offering a special substance from wild cats called Punugu** is suggested as a sure shot remedy to overcome your debts.

** Note: the use of Punugu is a closely guarded secret among the Tamil Siddhas. The wild cats are not harmed in extracting the perfume-like substance from the hind-side of the cat. Harming the cat negates the power of the punugu.
Another way of getting into debts is through losses through unexpected natural disasters, market troubles, supplier issues etc. The reason that you manifest this kind of debt is that in your previous birth, you would not have handled your money and assets with due care. Special remedies include butter and pomegranate offering to Lord Kala Bhairava.

The third and last way of getting into debts is by indulging in gambling, indiscriminate drinking, inappropriate and illegitimate relationships. You are forced into all of this due to your previous karmic tendencies which include abducting other's assets illegally and causing damage to temple/church assets. The effects of this can be minimized by special offerings to Lord Kala Bhairava (a form of Shiva who controls time or Kala). This includes the special Punugu perfume and a special oil offering.

In addition, you are advised to perform your Ancestral rituals regularly so that your ancestors bless you with prosperity and happiness. As one may not be sure what is going to hit you in the future, it is advised to perform remedies for all types of debts as advised by Siddhas. Try also organizing powerful weekly poojas in Lord Shiva shrines known for their debt elimination. Participating in this poojas is bound to make your debts manageable.

Debt Karma offerings:

(All poojas and rituals should be performed as per IST time)

Archana and Abhishekam to Kala Bhairava at Shivapuram temple on March 28th

(Includes Butter, Pomegranate, Punugu and Special oil offering)

+Archana to Rettai Vinayagar with fruits and vegetable offering on March 28th

"Runa Vimochana" (Runa=Debt, Vimochana=Free, Relief) Pooja for next 4 weeks from March 28th

(Lord Shiva in this Shrine helps you to eliminate your debts)

Ancestor Offering (Tarpan) on March 26th in Siddalaipattu

(Siddalaipattu is where Lord Rama himself performed Tarpanam near the city of Kumbakonam)

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