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Sree Padmanabha's Treasure CD smuggled to Foreign countries

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[SIZE=+1][/SIZE]This news has not yet reached the main media. Sometimes they don't!
[SIZE=+1][/SIZE]Sree Padmanabha's Treasure CD smuggled to Foreign countries [SIZE=+1][/SIZE]
29/05/2012 12:42:48 Based on Media Reports

Intelligence agencies are shocked about the fact that many details related to the wealth are now available in the form of CD and books. The matter has put a blotch and a question mark over the credibility of the trusted core committee members appointed by the Supreme Court.

The leakage of details has happened inspite of stringent Supreme Court orders specifying that no information regarding the wealth should ever seep out. A copy of the spirally bound book which features the leaked images has also been handed to the Supreme Court. However, the apex court, on its part has not asked for the same either. The intelligence agencies now suspect that the pictures have now reached different corners of the world.
All this, inspite of the heavy security measures adopted, to take care of the temple!

HaindavaKeralam - Sree Padmanabha's Treasure CD smuggled to Foreign countries
it is very very sad. who knows one day all the treasures will be smuggled out of India. sorry state of affairs
The initial smuggling of info may be for creating a catalog.

The actual smuggling will be for auctioning those antique treasures!!!

Only God has to punish these wretches. :tsk:
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