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Sree Kalahasthi Temple

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I agree with you sir,These days temple admin have become worst,actually what happened was experts from IIT already informed the admin about the pathetic situation of the gopuram ,and warned them that thunderstorm or heavy blow of wind can collapse these structure apathy of temple admin caused this.Thanks to Kalahasteeswarar that mishap didnt affect any people.
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vayu sthalam is one puranam.another puranam says its rahu-kethu sthalam.dosham of rahu-kethu is mitigated by visiting and doing rituals in this temple and closer to chennai is kanchipuram temples which is rahu-kethu sthalam also.so jj could havevisited kanchipuram temples itself instead of going like thee theethi thyagaraja to andhra pradesh.maybe becoz of her visit,god got mad with allowing her to enter there and made vayu varunam wreak destruction of the temple ,would be another theory.in any case,rahu-kethu are imaginary north point and south points of moons orbit,for chandran praying to lord shiva on a monday with rituals,will be the remedy,imo.
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