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Srardham at Madhya Kailash Temple

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I am karta for my father, maternal grandfather, grandmother. I am a tamil brahmin (iyer - samaveda). My grandmother died in 1964, my grandfather died in 2002 and my father died in 2006. I have instituted kattalai in Madhya Kailash for doing srartham for the above three people. According to temple officials they accept srartham only after first year. There is no bar in religion or male/female. Anyone can be kartha for anyone. Only condition is srartham will be done if kartha is alive. Lord vinayagar is doing karma on behalf of kartha.

Initially I was doing regular srartham at home. But due to difference of opinion with my wife I made it hiranya srartham and since the condition became worse I have handed over the above three srartham to madhya kailash temple. Have I done the correct thing. In the present circumstances there is no way I can do at home. Will I incur pithru sapam and whether my heirs will be affected.
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In many postings I come across the word ‘srartham’ which is not the correct usage. The correct word is Sraaddham ச்ராத்3த4ம் derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Sraddha’ ச்ரத்3தா4
plz do not have any fear regarding shapam from pithrus.madhya kailash was blessed by our aha swamigal of kanchi to do this yeoman service for hindus.as for your wife and you,as modern life is hectic,we need to make adjustments and not lose faith.not knowing that western countries a
have an encouraging outlook towards minority religious groupsi signed up with madhya kailash.but i do tharpanam everyday,which i invented for my parents grand parents and great great grandparents and finally my gothram originator and his wife.shrardham gives benefits to all humanity,owing to economic condition as well as disbelief and many other practical problems,many are not doing,thankfully such temples come to our rescue.be happy friend dont worry.
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