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Sponsoring a child

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Have funds for Srividhya/ragachandrias next year at college been organised ?

would it be possible atleast for a couple of members who can spare some time to meet during a week end ? that way we get to atleast know each other ?

I do not have many commitments and willing to volunteer during the week ends .
We need to form an association for our benefits and I presume the existing ******* is more of a political overtone.
Let us not push the proposed association into a political one, and shall form it with the sole purpose of REALLY helping the underprevileged from our community.
Let us also have a good name,any suggestions?
I want a meeting to be organised on a sunday at mutual convenience.
Let us all assemble at a common place and discuss further.
Dear Subalaji,
Thanks for your message. I was traveling past couple of weeks and hence couldn't reply. I will go-ahead and sponsor. PL let me know what you recommend - should I contact him directly or route the funds through TB.com? It will be nice for me know them as well and help in progress on a continual basis.
Dear Mr.Balasubramanian, you can contact and ask archaka to meet you if ur in chennai . You can give him a post dated cheque for this year and from next year you can pay thru Tamilbrahmins.com, in case u need any assistance from me pls feel free to ask

Dear Subalaji,
I have wired RS 13,000 to Balu Vadyar's Canara Bank account in chennai to support his child Sowmya's education for this year.
Thanks for the lead.
By the way, when the support for six or seven children was raised, i had the my brother delivery in person cheque of 4660 to first child whose father was an archakar in chennia.
Hello all,
In this context, I would like to express that I am willing to take up brahmin children in adoption. If anybody like the archaka is there, who needs help, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].
Many thanks
Usha Rajeswari
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