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Spadiga malai info...

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Dear Suresh

I got it at Kanchi Mutt and had it blessed at Maha Periyava's Brindavanam at Kanchipuram. Whether for constant wear
or daily japam, having the crystal beads strung in gold/silver/copper is a matter of affordability and definitely
more durable than ordinary string.

ISKCON people give quality spadiga maalai. A simple method to test the spadiga beads' quality: Take 2 beads and in a pitch dark room scratch the beads against one another, you should see spark or two, like you see in a gas lighter. I do not know any other method of testing.
Dear Iyyarooran

Thanks for the info on testing the crystals, I didn't know that sparks would appear, just like when we
scratch two flint stones. I am no expert on gems - infact I can't tell the difference between a genuine
diamond and an American diamond. This type of "scratch test", may not conclusively prove the authenticity
of spatikam, as many other stones too produce a spark when violently impacted with each other.
Early cave men used different stones to produce sparks and from the sparks, fire.

I got my malas verified and authenticated by the gemologist in Bapalal - they use scientific methods and
advanced equipment like the spectrometer, calculate the refractive index etc. before certification as
genuine / non-genuine.

There could be a nominal charge for the testing in Bapalal. This was waived for us, because we have
known them for three generations. I would strongly recommend getting it verified by a professional.

I got a spadigamali it was hooked by String. Is it ok to wear this ? Before wearing that do I have to do purification or anything similar ? (Blessing from Guru's etc).
What type of power will it give ? People are unnecessarily troubling will it solve this ?
What is the use of it ?

thanks a lot
Dear Suresh2012

The Spadika Malai, by itself may not solve "people unnecessarily troubling" you. As with other malas,
[ Rosary used by Christians and the Thisbah used by Muslims ] you can use it to do japam. Once the
japam is done [ i.e., charged by you with your own positive energies], it can be worn around your neck. The
positive energies accumulated could give you the necessary insulation from the "people unnecessarily troubling"
you. At best, I think it will help you charge yourself. Just don't expect it to radiate some magical power to
repel people and problems - the power of your own japam might, though.

Some people use even plastic beads while doing japam, just so that their minds stay focused on the japam
and not wander away on the count [upto 108 while] to achieve the desired Aavarthi.

My suggestion to get the crystals verified was only for you to avoid being conned with a high price for
non-genuine stuff.

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