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Sources and Resources, please...

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This thread is meant to exchange information about the sources, authors, and resources about our shlokas, stotras and mantras. I request those who know it to post them here:

madana-mohana aShTakam
--on which deity, author, sanskrit. translation, audio sources please.

--is this a stotra on viShNu? details please.

vaidynAtha aShTakam
--who is the author, is it Adi Shankara BhagavadpAda?

Is the following shloka just a bahujana-vachanam--popular saying, or is there any textual source?

alaMkAra priyaH vishnuH
abhiSheka priyaH shivaH
namaskAra priyaH sUryaH
bhojana priyaH brahmaNaH

Some people find the bhojana part of the shloka a bit sarcastic of the brahmaNa, so they say the phrase is actually bahujana. It seems to me that since material things such as alaMkAra, abhisheka are associated with the Gods themselves, it can only be bhojanam for the brahmins.
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I found out some resources for some queries in the OP:

madana-mohana aShTakam
a stotra on shrI KRShNa
text: http://www.sanskritdocuments.org/all_pdf/madanamohana8.pdf
audio: Raaga - Sri Madana Mohana Ashtakam - Sacred Chants Vol 5 - Vijay Yesudas. Download Fusion MP3 songs

It is not brahmANDa but brahmAnanda mImAmsa, which refers to the description of the Ananda of various beings, in the taittirIya upaniShad:

text: sachchidAnanda
audio: YouTube - Brahmanandameemaamsa Sacred Chants 5 For Attaining Enlightenment Through Devotion
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