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Soonyam and Spells

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ever once in a while, if there is unexplicable discomfort, be it of the mind or the body, i request my wife to suthipodu.

the good lady, grabs some red chillies and salt, makes the rest of the family sit together, and waves it a few times in a circle, clockwise and anticlockwise, and rushes to the washroom to flush out these absorbers of sorrow.

my grandmother used to do the same thing, except that the said chillies used to go the kumutti, where depending on the level of crackling and smoke, it was interpreted as to the level of prevalent soonyam that was rid.

when i was a teenager, one of my friends lost two elder brothers, in similar road accidents within 3 years. the previous owners of the house, also had their sons die in road accidents.

my uncle on hearing this, suggested that the land where they lived, was previously a graveyard. he said that the only folks who had the power to remove the curse of the house, were certain muslims, who planted a chakra at the gate.

evil spirits, ghosts and goblins (kuttichaathaans) are as prevalent in canada, as they are in tamil nadu. various sightings of floating ghosts are whispered. though no one would announce it publicly.

is there another dimension, that is close to us, that can influence us and our living conditions?
love this topic kunjuppuji.

my grandmum used to suttipodofy rather frequently, with red chillies and salt...

each time i was sick, my grandfather wud do it, with things that were secret to him but i knew it included a lemon bcoz he wud search for it, and he wud get sick himself while i got better....

later i wore a tabeez from my muslim teacher for a very long time, and must say i never fell sick during the time i had worn the tabeez....

my father lived in a haunted house in some village in rajasthan and he used to hear things, saw doors opening and closing by themselves, water being drunk but no one seen, etc...unfortunately he also had to cut up dead bodies in a mortuary...

my mum was holding on to her job in madras then, so dad was living alone ..i think eveything added up and he started behaving abnormally, like cying in sleep...he became alright after his father-in-law (my mum's father) arranged a homam (sudarshana i think) for him back home at madras with a ring to be worn permanently and ofcourse dad did not stay in that haunted house after that....

wonder if there are really preytatmaas, spirits, goblins, etc...but prayers really do seem to work, don't they...
Looking at the important role of Chilli, is there any possiblity, that, Vasco Da Gama had brought in this custom?

If not, before 14th century, what was used in place of Chilli ? Any idea..
Looking at the important role of Chilli, is there any possiblity, that, Vasco Da Gama had brought in this custom?

If not, before 14th century, what was used in place of Chilli ? Any idea..

could be kurumuLagu, which is indigenious to india. i sort of vaguely remember my grandmother adding kurumuLagu to the mix of chillies and salt.

sometimes, she used to have a oily lighted wick instead, for the same purpose of suthipoduthal. i don't know the significance of this.

where i come from in north malabar, we have this concept of ratschais. special prayers to indigenous bhagavathi temples, the incidental paper/ash tightly wound and made into a silver or gold or brass amulet.

during a specifically difficult period, a special one was made for my dad, who had around his neck for the rest of his life. little children, to keep away evil, had this around the waist araNakkayaRu.

ever since one of my pre teen friends told me it was bad luck to see a dead body pass by, and the process to rid of any potential ill events, is to spit three times immediately and continuously.

here in the west we don't see dead bodies except in the funeral parlours. the last journey is a dignified motorcade.

whenever i am in chennai, and do still see corpses carried about, i spit three times immediately afterwards, much discretly and in minute spit amounts. some acquired supestitions never die. :)
it is interesting to see how diff cultures have their own drishti removal methods..but i suppose its a waning feature...all my growing years my grandparents used to do the suttipodofying things, but not once did my parents do it. i dunno what is so useless with their generation that they did not pass on the method of doing it to their children (us)...now each time i am sick i am so nostalgic about my grandparents..
Astral Planes

Well I just don't know how this will sound to you people, but there're many Astral planes. There were and still are yogis who can materialize and dematerialize at their own will. The highest of the astral plan is Hiranya loka. There people can materialize and dematerialize at their own will. But, they still has to return. Only the person, who was yogi a during his earthly span, can go to higher bliss from hiranya loka to other planes. But, during his lifespan he should have achieved sbikalpa samadhi and nirbikalpa samadhi. Only then could he go to higher planes. Many yogis are in India, those people never eat or sleep! There're other beings in subtle physique, like Bhoot, Pret, Kutti Satan, etc. That's why Shri Krishna classified bhakti into 3.

  1. Satvik
  2. Rajas
  3. Tamas
People with satvik bhakti always worship the deities/mahaavtars whose status are supreme(eg. Yogi Christ, Lahari Mahasya, Lord Krishna, Shiv Shankar, Ganapati, Kartikeya, Surya, Goddess Shakti, Shakyamuni, Rishabhdev, etc.). Their nature will be satvik. Their will only be directed towards selfrealization.

People of Rajas nature will worship demigods, like Karuppu, Periyannan, etc. These deities require some input like, some sacrifice, etc.

People with Tamas nature will seek Pishachas, Pretas, etc. But, these subtle beings will obey them quickly but will always torture them (because these beings want something for their own nourishment).

Some people(satvik) will go one step forward and concentrate on Nishkalam Brahmam to obtain siddhi.
hi friends,

all the suthipoduthal is mainly for dhristhi kazhipu. It is done to ward off the evil eyes and jealousy caused by ordinary people.
for haunting they keep ratchai or do some homam so as to ward off the evil spirit. ghosts are those beings whose life has ended before the stipulated period by means such as suicide etc. they will remain as ghosts until their stipulated life time. some black magicians take advantage of them and control them to cast spells etc. these things wont go with simple suthipodufying.
cure for evil effects

Raghvendrar born in Bhuvanagiri,tamilnadu in his works says evil is eternal.
To mitigate evil effects,chanting om sri Raghavendraya namah brings the healing effect.
This is my personsl experience
A MOMENT OF SANCTIFYING GRAND ELDERS,,A good satvik reply,,SRIKRISH85, thanks. I am also experiencing the same with my mother.

The things added in suthhipodifying includes mainly salt and chiily,, Especially salt is the thing which is used to remove -ive energies of the place as well as on body.
The people practicing the art of healing in different ways uses salt for this purpose in china and elsewhere.
really one who wants to take away his own -ive energy can take a palmful of salt(crystal) and keep it in his right hand with whole hearted chanting of MAHISHASURAMARDHINI SLOKA WILL DEFINITELY GIVE THE RESULT OF POSITIVE MOOD AND GOOD AMBIANCE(remove the salt after finishing with a strong prayer to take away the negative energy into salt). Also keeping a cup of water immersed with a tablespoon of crystal salt at the corner of the rooms where patients and elders living on will help them in a positive way.
please follow these simple ways for better living....
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It seems, what pleases men,also pleases divine power, be it God or his opposite ,the evil..This point goes well with the global customs on warding off evil spirits

To invoke God we use lamps/incense/candle/sweets/Ghee/Laddus.. All the pleasant smelling/edible sweets are believed to please Gods or external divine (even evil) forces..

And inorder to give displeasure to them or ward them off, we use the opposite.. '''

So,instead of incense myrrh/champhor , use burnt chillies..Instead of Laddus givem them raw salt to taste and fear them with its cracking sound, coming out of 'aduppu'..

So,what the black-magicians and occults do to attract the evil... They choose 'Dark Environment' (opposite to that of light,which Gods like)..

Hope someday we will have a gadget for this.. The normal personal safety pepper spray can, built in with a micro chip to play back the salt-cracking sound..A Two-in-one,gadget, to ward of both robbers & evil
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Evil Powers and their influences

Many psychologists the world over have tried to verify and measure such occurrences and their effects. But, no finite conclusion could be reached. Hence, this subject has been pushed to para-psychology.

As far as I am concerned, I do agree that there are evil powers and influences. Not necessarily, the ghosts and other kind of evil spirits.
Even bad and malicious thoughts of a fellow (living) human being and their repetition and intensity may leave a bad spell.

I have personally felt some enveloping shadow (it could be an illusion too) at times, particularly when left alone, that too during nights and again, when there is total darkness. So, it could be a game of the mind, affected by fear psychosis. Whatever be the nature and origin of such freak and frightening experiences, I have derived immense comfort, sense of safety and absolute ease, if and when I immediately invoke the blessings of the Almighty and the Revered Gurus. All these occur within less than a minute, each time.

My conclusion is that I don't believe in ghosts, doors automatically opening and closing, some strange and dreadful shapeless figures
attempting to carry someone away somewhere etc. These are all
mere exaggerations, illusions and hallucinations.

Please do not attach much significance to such things in life.

If what I have written looks paradoxical, please read it twice.
.......As far as I am concerned, I do agree that there are evil powers and influences. Not necessarily, the ghosts and other kind of evil spirits. ..Even bad and malicious thoughts of a fellow (living) human being and their repetition and intensity may leave a bad spell. ....


something happened to me yesterday, and i wish to share here.

during the afternoon, my mind wandered into some not particularly pleasant thoughts, one thread feeding another, and together weaving a black fabric.

i was walking when this was happening, and suddenly my left leg gave in, ankle twisted to 90 degrees. the severe pain brought me back to reality, and the resulting bone chip, i am now in flints.

i have had several hours to muse over this incident and here are my various options..

- this is an immediate punishment from God for entertaining evil thoughts. my mother used to say, that today's God does not wait to mete out punishment

- that there was some spell put on me by someone else (i have some solid reasons for this to happen)

- random act of absurdity, which could happen at any time, to anyone at any place

at various times, i tend to waver between the three options. or are there others, that i have not considered/

suffice to say, whichever becomes the prominent candidate of the moment, it does in no way, do anything to mitigate the pain.

the pain will be with me for a few weeks. :)

thank you.
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Suthipodu Ayah

Suthipodarathu takes place on Thursdays and Sunday evenings. It could be Thodapai kuchchi or kurumlagu and chillies and also human hair and sand from the muchchandi ( the road crossing) to ensure all evil eyes are destroyed.

I still remember when my daughter was asked to slightly spit on the handful of whatever my maid had, she literally spit (yikes) had to explain how it should be done and what followed - hmmmmm - I do not believe in this darn thing etc etc. But next week we meekly sit for another round of Dhrishti suthufying.


It is a bizarre act of the mind only. It is imagination, hallucination and illusion out of fear; nothing else.

Dont have any wavering. Have strong and unshakable faith in the Almighty. Everything will be alright.
Shri Pannvalan ji,

i agree with you on the strong and unshakeable faith in the almighty.

used to ask people if there really is no such thing as a spirit or a 'hurt' aatma. the answers were varied, but most agree that there is some 'power' (or some sorta 'energy') that influences or determines things unknown to us.

reg the haunted house and my father, he was the sort that neither beleived in god, nor soul, not spirit, nor wud light a lamp or incense. it so happened that an entire family was murdered by bandits in a 'haunted' house. the house had no buyers, and even as a guest-house no one wud stay put there, my dad the unsuspecting 'madrasi' was alloted the house and apparently was the first man (and the last) to have actually lived in that house for a few months.

mornings and all other times were all fine, but at around 11pm things wud change as though the house came alive, dad wud push himself to sleep but wud get a recurrent dream of people's throats being slit, he wud cry in sleep out of anguish watching it. after waking up, he wud feel foolish. in the mornings he wud wonder if his mind had played tricks on him thru the night and he felt even more foolish. except that when it all got as repetitive as a clock, he thot that just perhaps there might be something more, and decided to ask someone.

a young man told dad that bandits had killed 16 people in the house around 11pm, including small children and servents. dad was shocked bcoz that was the number of people being killed in his dream, he cud actually 'see' the whole scene in his dream. but those 'spirits' harmed no one, they just seemed to live in the house as though it belonged to them. dad felt he wud be laughed at if he spoke abt his own experiences anywhere, so he kept quiet.

sometime later he went to madras for a few days, there too he got the same dream one night, mum found it weird that her husband cried in his sleep, her father heard it all out from dad and arranged an elaborate homam for him.

dad says he didn't pray for himself, but wished that the dead family wud live in peace. dunno if the prayers from madras found its way to that haunted house in that overgrown village / town in rajasthan.

dad never got that dream after that. he went back a few days later, slept for a night peacefully in that 'haunted' house, packed his meagre belongings, moved to a friend's bachelor pad until he got an another house.

dad changed after his haunted house experience. he stopped questioning god, soul, etc, he now thinks prayer is therapeutic, no matter whether it is directed to an entity called 'god' or whether it is just an acknowledgement of things beyond us or beyond our control.
Dear Happy Hindu,

Glad to talk to you, after a long time.

I too have undergone certain inexplicable experiences. I think time is not yet ripe to share them with all. A day will come when I will reveal all.

But, one thing is sure. I have been saved every time when I committed a grave mistake/blunder of which I was aware. It could have turned fatal otherwise. This is mostly during the times of travel. I firmly believe that Mother Parasakthi only saved me and I could feel her presence, with tears rolling down my eyes. If I say everything what I experienced, I myself may be an object of ridicule.

But, one thing is certain. Life after death whether exists or not, some evil powers (listen, not spirits) do exist, as I had acknowledged in my first post under this thread. I have not seen any particular figure or faint shape or seen any frightening scene of vivid nature. The only difference in my case was I was exposed to dangerous situations or predicament, from which I was extricated with no bruise at all.

That's Her mercy.
It could have turned fatal otherwise. This is mostly during the times of travel.

If I say everything what I experienced, I myself may be an object of ridicule.

In childhood days, we used to have a kind of dream called 'AmuKku Pei Kana" (cruedly translated as 'Squeeze pressing devil),.. In school days, the classmates come from villages throw a lot of fun during the lunch hours in that grand colonial dining halls, sharing their previous night experience with this AmuKku Pei dreams.

This dreams will squeeze our body and give a severe physical pain and agony. Feet will jerk.. Body will feel as if a ton of steel ingot is loaded on you,which will not kill you in dream, but gives room for you to stuggle and squeeze out. Tied up by liliputs with ropes around and pinned to the ground. Or some 1000 cricket bats will hammer you around your body muscle(but not head) and you would be suffering an extreme near death pain, but wont die..We will be rattling the cots and twitching literally, and those awake will get scary. Wild!!

Later when we were discussing this at home, mom's bro, a doc, shared this.. When we physically work hard for a long day without rest,during sleep, the muscles will still crave for the same odd action, and brain which is equally tired, sends the wrong zig-zag signal to the muscle, and create such chaos between the body and brain ie, a Dream with action..

Like you, it happened to me during the first job, where I was extensivelly travelling,sleep deprived for days, in Train-Cab-Rick-walk. A similarity..All those schoolmates, who had the dream were active players in the football team.

Btw, shri.Pannvalan, please dont hesitate to share your experience here, for fear of someone ridiculing.. The mod's are here to take care of it.. Also, I know you are the one who fights and instantly appeal against ridicules, and for sure, some one may not easily play fool with you.. Awaiting curiously, your share of thought.
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Thank you sapr333.

Some interesting anecdotes are also intertwined with my personal experiences. In some situations, I myself got drawn into it and I couldn't resist it, knowing full well of the consequences. Some were beyond my comprehension, not my own creation, beyond my control and they were certainly not because of any physical tiredness, I can swear. Strange part of them is, many happened during day time only. They stretch over from my early childhood to recent past.

As I had remarked, my intuition says 'please wait; you have to enhance your credibility to say all'.

That's all.
while there may scientific or common sense explanations to many an 'extraordinary' experience, i think, there are others, where faith comes into play.

when i was growing up, in the house, three doors away, a young girl committed suicide. very soon afterwards, people who went to relax in that mottai maadi (these were 3 storey maadi houses, divided into portions & so had about 6 - 8 families per household), they soon felt the presence of the mohini.

sure enough, the face was that of the dead girl, clad in white sari, and no legs.

all these gents, to whom the motta maadi, was a post dinner r&r venue (read gossip, cigarette, vethlai), came running down scared, and never went back again.

the neighbours in the adjacent terraces have also claimed to have seen the mohini several times....

here in canada, i have heard of haunted houses and apartments - always associated with unfortunate sudden deaths.

to me, it is an aspect of my faith in God. that evil too exists. i agree, prayers are definitely therapeutic.

pann, feel free to share your experiences. we would love it.

thank you.
Better consult a psychriatist and read books written by rationalists like Dr.Abraham Kovur such as Begone Godmen, and/or Gods,Demons & Spirits.
Rationalist mindset will give enough strength face such situations.
For your information, I hold a Master's degree in Psychology and Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling.

The line dividing an insane person and a responsible adult who has undergone some strange, unbelievable experiences is very thin.

The converse need not be always true. While most of the miracles have been proved to be humbug and fraud committed on the unsuspecting onlookers, it is not the case always. Please read the bio-graphy of great souls. You will realise. (I do not claim myself to be one among them). Even to ordinary mortals, poor people, miracle can happen.

1. "Adhisayangal sila nighzhum:
avai adhisayangal endru
ariyappadamaleye pogum".

2. Some things just happen
that are beyond our comprehension.
Once we try to probe,
our ignorance alone remains.

Ironically, the second poem I printed in my wedding invitation, with the headline

As a sensible person, I do not want to be drawn into any further discussion on this subject. Hence,
I quit this thread.
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Sorry Mr.Pannvalan,

I never wanted to hurt your feelings. I just suggested alternate but it doesn't mean that I am correct. I may be wrong also. I am sorry
while there may scientific or common sense explanations to many an 'extraordinary' experience, i think, there are others, where faith comes into play.


You said it right..

There is always a tussle between faith&science... As a theist, I would not call it as a tussle, rather as a 'race'.. A race for the mankind to chase and catchhold of 'God' and get to know him at the earliest..

And as a theist and as a human, its natural, I always, wanna be a winner.. And here I satisfy myself thisway, and bridge the gap, with this anecdote..

" A scientist who scales up the rocky mountain, faces the hardships of snow, risk the avelance,race through the oxygen deprived environment, limits his food intake and finally reaches the summit, only to find a theologian/philosopher already sitting there 500 years ago, to see the God'..

Whatever, we humans couldnt fathom, we attribute to God... And its natural to do so, cos we all have already defined him as unfathomable..
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As a sensible person, I do not want to be drawn into any further discussion on this subject. Hence,
I quit this thread.

Shri. Pannvalan,

There are lot of sane voices here, to listen to you ... Lets keep aside Shri.Venkatramanis' post.. Please read some of the recent post..

We need you here.. Esp, to share some of our personal experiences on this.. I also have a lot to share, in line with your thoughts..

I dont know how to translate this.. But saying goes "KuLaThula Kovichittu Kundi kAluva PoGalama?... I mean, Just because one got angry with the pond,,he should not go without cleansing his a*se..

Im sorry this may sound so a crude analogy..
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