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Something positive i saw

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i have made many posts on what i consider an important issue.is tamil dividing us and non-brahmins.after all,we are using english here.

i am happy to note some bloggers who blog in tamil,who are also bilingual and who were moderate in their viewpoints.some of them were dalits,others rss supporters.i saw a dalit rss blogger,who was also mentioned by goundamani sir-arvind neelakandan.i am mentioning some of them:Jatayu,anbudan bala,mugamoodi,calgari siva,cervantes.perhaps you can google and find their.perhaps you can go to one such site and go to others.

some of them are brahmins,others what we call 'caste hindus'.of course there are many more whose concerns are different,of whom some spew venom on us.
very very happy sir.this is precisely what i am searching."what do non-brahmin rss members think about us?" was a nagging question in my mind. ualso is the arvind neelakantan u mention ,the same person who write regularly in indian express letters to the editor column.could u kindly provide links to some of these blogs?
they see us as just human beings.their accent is not on vedas and sanskrit,but on the spirit of hinduism.i dont know their view point on reservation.They write in tamil,their writing makes sense and they want to embrace modernity.They definitely want a greater share in the resources,but on reservation,i dont know.some of them have fully imbibed modern ideals.

two sites: jataayu.blogspot.com-this is a rss supporter blog
www.thinnai.com-this is a forum,moderate viewpoints,definitely not RSS,but in the spirit of free thought respectful of the higher ideals of hinduism.

There are other bloggers like mugamoodi.blogspot.com,arvindneela.blogspot.com,balaji_ammu.blogspot.com.perhaps you can find other links from there.we cannot predict the caste from a blogger's name.some of them will be brahmanas.nice to know moderate voices exist in tamil.we should not be alienated from tamil.
thank u

thank you sir for giving this valuable piece of information
Not open for further replies.

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