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Someone else takes the credit....

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The Tortoise, The Elephant and The Hippopotamus

One day the tortoise met the elephant, who trumpeted, Out of my way, you weakling “ I might step on you!.
The tortoise was not afraid and stayed where he was, so the elephant stepped on him, but could not crush him.
Do not boast Mr. Elephant, I am as strong as you are! said the tortoise, but the elephant just laughed. So the
tortoise asked him to come to his hill the next morning.
The next day, before sunrise, the tortoise ran down the hill to the river where he met the hippopotamus, who
was just on his way back to the water after his nocturnal feeding.
Mr Hippo! Shall we have a tug-of-war? I bet I'm as strong as you are! said the tortoise.

The Hippo laughed at this ridiculous idea, but agreed. The tortoise produced a long rope and told the hippo
to hold it in his mouth until the tortoise shouted Hey!.
Then the tortoise ran back up the hill where he found the elephant, who was getting impatient. He gave the
elephant the other end of the rope and said, When I say hey! pull, and you'll see which of us is the strongest.
Then he ran halfway back down the hill, to a place where he couldn't be seen, and shouted HEY!. The elephant
and the hippopotamus pulled and pulled, but neither could budge the other “ they were of equal strength".
They both agreed that the tortoise was as strong as they were.

Moral: Never do what others can do for you. Never underestimate your ability. If you think you can do it, you can do it… have faith in your capacity.
The tortoise let the others do the work for him while he got the credit.
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