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Some worms that dig through our mind

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Worming through the mind:
Did you experience something like this,

yes we had an uncle and he was very fond of
[Arvi] chepangkizhangu sabji a lot dry one boiled and roasted with good coating of masala and aromatic,
Now my mom used to say he would wait for all the children to be served they were atleast 7 in number together, so grandma as she served and would go in to get the next item, mani mama would say cheh look at that arvi does it not look like a goat’s **** all lumpy lumpy brown brown and the children used to go yuck ya and he would slowly say imagine all that going in and you would feel like vomiting, and the poor kids all three young sis of his will wonder what to do with it, He would extend his plate and lo he has all the sabji with him..
Grandma can do nothing as they have been psyched about it and would refuse even if she were to fight for it and get it back to them.There are other episodes which I would like to mention is about the dhall so wonderful and yummy no but my other uncle used to think as baby **** and none would eat.

Sometime this happens even while you are sitting for lunch and the ad in the tv will show
How tolerant is the whisper pad for all of us to view, and the toilet cleaning agent how good it is now these are great advertisers only during your lunch or dinner while u watch a movie and leave it on for ads while u finish ur lunch then u realize the mistake done.
One really would like to get away from food..

Like wise I remember kamalji writing about the sugarcane juice and how the Bombay guys got the ice which had been used for the dead and as it was available cheap they used to mix it with sugarcane juice, now this always will remain in my mind I know, so cannot order juice and I keep asking don’t mix any ice just get it without it, and so on, or I will add the ice at home..

To go to a higher level I remember one narayanan in our house he always had the habit of concocting some issues like he would tell his mother If she is not careful she may be on the street and her property would be taken away by her daughter and so on, this left her to live alone and she would not mix with her daughter only to realize that she is the one who took care her mother when she got paralysis, she cried her way to death understanding too late in life about it.

Many a time I have found people go into hallucination thinking that a person is like this never know from where the source was but they behave and hate them for life and speaking things around which I name as worming into people’s brain so that all hate the person he hates the most had got nicknamed tail twister….

Have u had any experience to share here which has wormed through ur head and would never leave u for life…sunkan

yes. my mother would never cook cauliflower, capsicum in our house, as she was convinced that they were full of worms (the real slimy moving ones).

even after living in canada for 37 years, i cannot get this off my mind. i eat cauli very sparingly, and split each little stem to verify no worm carcass there.

btw, i love arbi. it is called chinese potatos in english. don't know why. :)
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