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Some questions in my mind

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hi pann sir,
sorry.no answers in my mind....certain things may be happened...
many things are happening due to to controversial/selfish/
political reasons...neither justified/nor against it...just silent

I shall reply to the best of my ability. Only thing is it will take long time which I shall try to spare.

All the best
Sri Pannvalan ji,

Wonderful observations.....

The only thing I can say is....


They are not worried about India and her citizens.

They are not worried about international discriminations, politically and socially.

They just want to fill their bags.

Otherwise, India would not be still a developing nation. India would have been a very much developed nation much before.

That's what I am highlighting in all my posts. India is in the hands of Politicians and we are just a plaything in the hands of these politicians.

Ironically, today we could not have some great personalities like – Nethaji Shubash Chandra Bose

Ironically, today we could not have some great politicians like – Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri.
Whether we like it or not, politics do affect our lives. Similarly, the US dollar rate affects our economic growth. How many of us know?

The important events or the important decisions of the top people in the country and outside do impact our lives. Are we aware?

not sure if i can even have an opinion on some of your queries, as i do not know much of anything.

a bit busy next few days, but will respond when i am able to.

best wishes
My two pence worth if I may:

In todays times especially in Europe, Human Rights is very developed. We have the European Human Rights Court etc. So a country like Britian cannot do what she likes with suspected terrorist/extremist. Human Rights continues to be violated by justification of national security especially in these troubled times of terrorism and extremism.

One of the things I hear time and again especially from left wing liberals (nothing personally wrong with them. I think they are the least evil) here is that just because other countries have no concept of Human Rights or their religion is intolerant, should we also stoop to their level?. Aren't we more evolved in terms of our freedom of expression etc?. Didn't we go through what they (certain countries) are going through when we had our Dark Ages, reformation etc?. Its taken western Europe centuries to evolve from religious doctrinal supremacy and a (r)revolution like that would happen to a certain religion as well eventually. This is what the liberal media elites reply to many people here who say we should fight fire with fire and give them (the extremist) a taste of their own medicine. Perhaps Human Rights is a double-edged weapon...

Muslims who are born in Britian have the same privileges as anyone else here. Not sure what you mean by putting their own house in order first. And many escape their own countries either as asylum seekers or economic migrants because their countries are not liberal democracies and are oppressive so putting their house in order first isn't a viable option.

I guess its true what is said about might being right.
I only stress that all shall have equal rights. One section should not be discriminated against nor extended undue favours. In other words, concessions and privileges must vanish the very moment equal rights are given. Both cannot have co-existence.

Another point is I can not expect something what I do not want to give.
  • The techonogy that is outdated there is sold here for a fabulous sum and the failed economic policies and programmes are sought to be implemented here. Sweeping reforms are suggested and pressure is continuously applied to introduce them, in every sphere of social and economic life. But, no responsible politicians open their mouth protesting these openly and condemning them vehemently. Why? What is the reason?

let me give you my views on this query.

i think, you are thinking of the 1950s through 70s, when indian manufacturers bought technology which was outdated, and cheap, and with government protection, dumped junk on the people, and enriched themselves and the congress party & its cohorts. eg. ambassador car

nowadays, if you look around, with a change of policy, the buyer is the king (or queen). take the same car industry - you have world class companies competing with each other, to produce the latest at the cheapest. this also has given fillip to the long dormant indian entrepreneurship to bloom - eg tata nano.

gone are the days when the west had a monopoly of technology. and the western market is saturated, so that for many products, there are no first time buyers any more. only the replacement market. so they have to look to india, china etc to find markets for their products.

so, india has the leverage, due to the size of its market and also due to price sensitivity of the consumer, force the manufacturers to open up their factories here. remember each factory, also has anciliaries and give jobs to thousands. with the employment, these thousands have needs which they can now afford and hence the ripple effect of prosperity.

the hyundai i10/i20 are some of the most technologically advanced cars in the world. they are made in chennai. it does not take long, for some of the current hyundai engineers to understand how the car is manufactured, and go out and start a car company of their own, with improvements, so as to beat the parent.

so huge is the airbus a320 demand in china, the chinese have successfullly insisted that airbus open up a factory in china to assemble these planes. you can bet, the chinese government will ensure thousands of chinese engineers are hired, who will then form the core of a chinese passenger plane industry.

you think of the top brazilian plane maker embraer. the core knowledge for these were german aerospace engineers who escaped to brazil at the end of the last war and help establish a brazilian aircraft industry.

so pann, i hope that your query re outdated there is sold here for a fabulous sum is not a valid one.

re , the failed economic policies and programmes are sought to be implemented here. Sweeping reforms are suggested and pressure is continuously applied to introduce them, in every sphere of social and economic life. again i wish to say, india is beyond anyone forcing us to certain way of economic policies.

you have to be more specific as to the failed economic policies and programmes and who is doing the in india. if you had followed the monetary crisis since the 1990s, india has been following its own path of prosperity generated by internal growth and increased demand internally (as opposed to the export oriented approach of china).

OK, i will agree that under certain circumstances, institutions such as world bank or asian bank, will force economic policies. but that is only if you go begging to them for money. sir, you and i know, that paupers cannot be chosers, and those banks are not going to throw away good money after failed policies.

pann, i think, in all the assumptions of this query, you might want to update your facts in the context of modern india.

i, for one, do not disagree about the deep discrepancies between the rich and the poor in india, and also my anguish at the increasing gap between the groups. the maoist insurgency all over is a wake up call not only for the politicians, but for ordinary people like you and me. those who live in india, each one of the பாமர மக்கள் do some help to amerliorate the lot of just one person or family, we will make a difference at the grass roots level.

no administration fees. no politics. a simple act of one human helping another. so i would suggest, for starters, since charity begins at home, let us look at our own extended home of tamil humanity, without consideration to caste and examine, what is that which we are best at, and what is it that we can afford to give. there will always be someone needy of what we can give. let us part with our money or talent or time or goodwill. it is said that one should give, continue to give and keep on giving till it hurts. i am suggesting no such thing. just for starters, give once and enjoy the warmth of this one giving. maybe that will be the inducement to give more.

best wish to you pann.

sp.. this above is a rudimentary and crude understanding of mine. i know there are folks like hari, who are much more knowledgeable in this field, and if time & effort permits, maybe folks like hari and suchlike, can correct me. thank you.
Dear Kunjuppu,

I shall reply to you in detail, soon.

Hi, other friends,

When I submitted this thread, the episode of S.P.S. Rathore, former DGP of Haryana and the one involving the 86 year old Governor of A.P. were not out. I am happy that N.D. Tiwari has now resigned. I do hope justice in full measure will be made in case of the 14 year old Ruchika and her family too. (Ruchika since killed herself).
Dear Kunjuppu,

I shall reply to you in detail, soon.

Hi, other friends,

When I submitted this thread, the episode of S.P.S. Rathore, former DGP of Haryana and the one involving the 86 year old Governor of A.P. were not out. I am happy that N.D. Tiwari has now resigned. I do hope justice in full measure will be made in case of the 14 year old Ruchika and her family too. (Ruchika since killed herself).

We are all victims of media hype -- they conducting the trial and delivering the judgement. This is the trend nowadays. Even before the courts give judgement, media pronounces the judgement. Another unfortunate development is to criticise the courts of law if the judgements are not as we hoped( rather the media hoped to exploit.

While human sympathy towards the victim is to be appreciated, to take sides just based on hearsay and media hype are to be discouraged.

Everything, including somebody's sorrow, death,devastation ,crime -- all are celebrations for the media. While free media is necessity in a democracy and a watchdog for that , the situation many times is, media considering itself to be a monolith beyond the supervision and control of law.

Mature lawyers and judges make themselves insulated and steer clear of all this external intercepts,and endeavour and enable to pronounce judgements with relevant facts and witnesses provided, facts established. Unless proved beyond doubt, a wrong sentencing will also invite opposing opinions.

I wish , let us not discuss such things , as they are all susceptible to emotions and no fruitful purpose will be served.


may i please look at it in another way?

this, i think, is the democratization of india. a good step. in the 20th century, any bad acts committed by folks in power, would be hushed up.

எல்லாம் பெரிய வீட்டு காரியம் used to be the norm, to have two sets of justice - one for the rich and one for the common man.

there is no smoke without fire.i think let n.d. tewari's episode blow its full course. incidentally, i do happen to know some other juicy details of tewari, during his term of ministership during indira gandhi era. which ofcourse, will remain unsaid now, as it is of no consequence here.

thank you.
Dear Suryakaspa,

Ruchika's case was really pitiable. She was only 14 years, when she was sexually assaulted by the then IG of Police. She and her family were threatened with dire consequences. Yet, when she preferred a complaint with the police, her complaint was not registered. She was persuaded to withdraw her written complaint.

She didn't. False cases were foisted on her brother and he was put behind bars for car thefts and other imaginary crimes. Her school did not permit her to write exams. She ultimately committed suicide.

In the meantime, Rathore who was continuously protected by 3 successive Chief Ministers of Haryana - Om Prakash Chautala, Bhajan Lal and Bansi Lal - got promotion also. He rose to the rank of DGP, the No. 1 police officer of the state.

He has since retired. After protracted battle and legal struggles taken up by many wormen's groups, the court has after 19 years found the ex police officer guilty and awarded him a laughable sentence for 6 months. He is still unruffled and says he will go on an appeal. Probably, he may escape from the sentence or the case may drag on till he dies a natural death.

This is just one sample of our criminal administration and justice delivery system.

I as an ordinary citizen feel ashamed and equally bothered about the future of this holy nation.
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