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Some preachings in Yajur Vedham

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Some Preachings in Yajur Vedam:

1) Rather than your love to god, behave like God loves you (Thaiththireeya Samhithai, 1st KANdam)
2) Don't be indebted to any one (Achchidhram, Thaiththireeya Samhithai)
3) Be firm like a stone (Eakgni kANdam)
4) Daily give argyam with gayatri (Aarayakam, Second prasnam)
5) Keep away from women with periods (Menses) (Samhithai, V KkANdam)
6) Give proper place to your wife and respect her. (bRahmanam ashtakam)
7) Don't get dejected when others criticize. Because they help you indirectly. (BrAhmaNam II Ashtakm)
8) If you get dhanam, get it only from good persons (BrAhmaNam I Ashtakam)
9) Speak good words always (AaraNyakam)
10) Don't accuse Annam (Sappadu). Don't waste food. Daily cook in plenty. Take these as vratham.
(Yajur vedam Brugu valli Upanishad)
11) One who is awake only, will get vidhyai.
12) Don't be lazy in doing good things.
Some more veda needhis:
// Don't take liquor. Don't allow a person who is drunk near you.
// Avoid amangala words (bad words)
// By-heart vedam
// Doing veda adhyayanam and teachin vedam are tapas.
Courtesy: 'Veda Prabhavam' book by Sri Sarma Sastrigal in Tamil . English translation by me pls.
PS: This book is not available for price.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Shri Sharma ji


Yes. I will get you one. The author of the book also holds your sarma 'Swaminatha Sarma'. The book is not for sale and he is giving it free to persons who have interest and like to have a copy. Sradhdha is the price. Repeat - I will get you one pls.

I like to have one clarification. In times of expressing our rishis and gothram to elders while we do 'abivadhan' after namaskaram, what we say is '.......sarma nama aham asmiboe:'. For this sarma,siva sakaram is used. I think Sharma is a surname like Gupta, Dhave, Phadke, Nehru, etc. in northern parts of India. Since you print your name as ....Sharma, possibly it could be due to numerology. Or 'sarma' is an expression in Sanskrit and Sharma is an expression in Hindi. Can you enlighten pls?

Thanks for the opportunity to ask you about this pls and regards.
Usually the brahmins are to have name ending Sharma(equivalent english spelling only, sarma also can be , if pronounced as in abhivadan),
Kshatriya- Varma, then Gupta etc....

Nowadays many people don not follow this type of naming. many names are meaningless sounds.
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