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Some interesting ads

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:dance: Following were some advertisements/ news items found in the
newspapers recently.

1. Wanted a female artiste to act in a Tamil TV serial. Minimum 'girth'
must be 48 inches. Not knowing Tamil will be an added qualification.

2. Please watch the mega serial 'maimaalangal' that has been in progress
in 'son tv' for the past 3 generations. At the end of the serial (?),
there awaits a bumper prize for the lucky one!

3. Drive our super bike 'povomaa' and you will feel like being in heaven!

4. New Superfast Express introduced between Chennai Central and
Trichy from 1st April onwards, announced Minister of Railways. This
train will take only 12 hours to reach Trichy!

5. New fly-over connecting Chennai airport and New York aiport in
20 years -the Minister for Surface Transport announces.

6. For every family card (ration card) holders, from this month one
servant maid will be provided and her wages will be borne by the
state government - Chief Minister reports in Assembly.

7. All films which have Tamil titles will get a government grant of
Rs.5 crores - Rakkayee's grand daughter's ' ---- ' ceremony video
footage having Tamil title also qualifies.

8. Under RTI Act, particulars of government employees who sleep in
the office for over 5 hours a day cannot be furnished, government
says. The reason adduced was it is done in the interests of national security.

9. All persons with one child will be given 'Vishnu Chakra' award;
but, a male can have any number of wives legally or illegally,
government clarifies.

10. New bill tabled in Parliament:

A man or woman can marry a dog or any other pet animal of their
choice and their wedding will be accorded full legal status.
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