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solar eclipse 25 nov 2011

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the eclipse is an occurence due to the passing of the moon between the sun and the earth when viewed from a certain location on earth.

now, tell me why one should this calls for upaye(?) or prayers? i am just honestly curious. if you dont mind.

thank you.
Dear Friends
The partial solar eclipse of 25 th Nov falls on my moon sign anuradha 4p aspected by mars .Is there any recommended upaye, prayer to use for that time. What else can be done of benefit during that timeperiod ? Thank you for your timely answer.Since moon rasi get eclipsed it means bad only?

Shri balroop,

For a believer, a solar eclipse (irrespective of partial, full, annular), surely forbodes some evil, the exact nature of which will depend on your horoscope. There are various ways of doing 'parihaaram' for this; you should consult a good astrologer and do further action. But the most important is to do 'grahana tarpanam'.

The scriptures which say all the above, do not, however, guarantee that doing the tarpanam and parihaarams will grant complete escape from the evils which are supposed to be indicated by the eclipse. And we know that eclipse is a phenomenon of sun/moon being obstructed from view by astronomical movements, just as new moon and full moon. So, people like me prefer to believe that it is a cyclic phenomenon occurring every 18 years or so (the saros cycle) and leave it at that.
After doing the above formalities, one can also do, archana along with a Vastra
to Lord Surya in the Temple for the affected person. This is normally done
during the Solar Eclipse Day.

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