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snake >>archanai >> lord Siva

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Just want to share a news i noticed in the news paper in case if some of you have missed it.
We normally hear that in olden days cow,spider,snake performing pooja in temples.
Can you believe it?
Now you do not have an option rather than to believe it. please read the news below - For those who cannot read tamil please excuse me.
Is the snake, a cursed being, from a different lokha and performing pooja for pabha vimochana who knows!! that is what we have heard in epics and puranas. Pass it on to others if you feel it is authentic.
Pl click the link below or cut and paste in your browser.
No.1 Tamil Newspaper Front Page News and Headlines Online - Dinamalar
Can some tell as to why/how this incident?
Kind Regards.
I do not want to make a judgement on this matter.

But I can narrate a similar incident which I witnessed when I was just about 7 yrs or so.
It happened inside a temple ,the 'Thrikkaariyoor Mahadeva Temple " in Kerala.It is a relatively major Siva temple under the Travancore Devaswom Board.

It was during the Mandala pooja period. The "Ayyappas" were having the "Kettunirai" before the sanctum of Ayyappa inside the main temple. At that time suddenly haring the sounds of women and children on one side ,when we turned, we saw a very slim "golden" snake hanging from the enclosure railing supports,with its head raised and extended towards the direction of the sanctum. But it was amazing that the crowd did not panick,the elders and gurswamis told the people not to panic, and said that it is Siva's Sarpam(snake of Siva) and it will not harm anybody. They said it having satyam and will not harm anybody. It was interesting that even the snake did not panic. After sometime it slowly unwound and came down.The elders told evrybody to clear way for it. Then within flash it sped towards the main sanctum of Siva and disappeared within seconds. Here in the kettunirai , things went on as nothing happened. But I have not seen it anytime after wards though I was visiting the temple for many years.
Later in my life, I have seen many snakes,but I have not seen such a golden snake after that. ( In that childhood stage ,I fuuly believed that it was God's snake as the elders said at that time).

Sometime ago, a snake came into the sanctum sanctorum of Thiruppamburam temple near Mayiladuthurai, it removed its skin which decorated the lingam like a garland. This skin, without the lingam, was photographed and published in Dinamalar. This newspaper cutting is kept in the temple in a frame.

In both these incidents, the entire story depends upon the statement of the respective Sivachariyar only and no one else. Have you ever seen a snake plucking a leaf and moving with it in its mouth? The two teeth of the snake are bent inwards.They can send things inward only. They are not designed to pluck and drop a leaf.
Let us wait for more evidence before believing it.
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