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Do receite Sri vishnu Sahasranamam and Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam daily by hearing through some elderly person who knows both. This will solve all your requirements
I agree with Seshpatram. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam is the best for reciting daily and also you can do Gayathri Manthra Japam. These will ward off any trouble mentally and physically.

Best wishes.
I absolutely agree with both Seshpatram and Krishna Moorthy. There are so many mantras and slokas each having its own benefits. But Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam and Gayathri Mantra Japam are the best for everything in life.
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Dear Krishna moorthi
Best way out will be available if you go to the Siva temple
there . You can view all the details of the Temples at Singapore.
You will solution for the marriage there.
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Could any of you provide me the link for Slokas for specific problems or betterments, eg slokas for good health, slokas for success in life, slokas for marriage, slokas for career improvement, slokas for sakala-iswaryam.. and so on.

You can try www.slokas.com or www.prapatti.com the second website is fully for slokas of Vaishnavites. You can choose the specific verses in Soundarya Lahari or Abirami Andhathi or Sri Paduka Sahasram

God bless you
u can contact the bramhin association in singapore. Contact any hindu temple for details of the association
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