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Skanda sashti function at vaaniar mahal, mylapore

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First of all, I thank Soundar rajan sir for inviting us this function.

The function was really grand. A beautifully decorated idol of murugan along with his consorts valli and deivanai were placed on the top, below which was the idol of shri vinayaka. Below vinayaka idol, a large laminated photo of lord murugan alone was placed and everyone was beautifully florally decorated. I just think that, murugan remained a bachelor, after getting ganesa's help he became a family-man. Thus, ganesa acts as a bridge between these two stages of muruga. Then, the important thing is thirupugazh recital. Unfortunately, the current went-off for few minutes. But, Bhaktas did not care for that. They simply started next thirupugazh and the current too came immediately. I was spell-bound on hearing thirupugazhs.

Finally they sang Kandar anuputhi. I knew that a bit. I was much happy and recited that in loud voice (Namaku terinjadunna udane aramichiduvome).

I strongly apologize to soundarrajan sir. I did not see him at all and introduce myself. There are so many reasons behind that.

One is I went amidst of the function. Noone was sitting simply there. I just dont want to disturb anyone.
Next is I find myself much ashamed amidst of those scholars and elders. Not even a single thirupugazh I knew. Luckily to make myself cool, they sang "Karanamadhaga vandu puvi meedhe". Thats the only thirupugazh I knew there.
Next is a very silly reason. I couldn't find anyone of my age group. Everyone are much elder and am the only one who stood alone. I mean because of my ignorance of thirupugazh I did not mingled with them. I simply sit on the chair at the last row. (Last bench student).
Finally, they said that everyone should be there and have their tiffin. I did a blender by eating already in hotel before coming to the temple. I did not had my lunch today and hence, had that before I come there. So, I started saying TATA to my murugan and started from there.

Am very sorry to AMBES sir, Ramani sir also...

Kindly accept my apologies Soundar rajan sir.

Dear all,
If possible try to go atleast one day there in the next five days. The function is really nice. The vibrations they are creating with thirupugazh is very strong.
Sri Durgadasan,

I also visited the function and met Mr.Soundara rajan. Mr.Soundarajan introduced me to the secretary, treasurer and other dignitaries. I had nice evening and nice food at the end of the function.

You have excellent talent but probably little shy. You should have asked some of the officials roaming around in the function about Mr.Soundara rajan.

Thanks Soundararajan ji for the nice evening.

All the best
Dear Durga,

Pleased to see your write up on the Skanda Shasti celebrations in Vaaniar Mandapam, Mylapore, nd thanks. I noted the reasons for your not meeting me in the venue. Shri RV ji also came during anubhuthi time. He spent sometime with me and had prasadam with me. He enquired mentioning my name and thus he got me in no time. Very happy you have honoured my invitation. There are five more days also. Inviation is open to all on all the days pls. I like to meet you for the first time in this Vaaniar Mandapam pls.

Shri RV ji,

Thanks. It is strange to note that when we were talking, Durga was also in the same venue and in the same last row.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்

it is strangely gratifying to note that such active members of this forum find equal solace, not only in their shared beliefs, but seek the same in each other's company.

i think, praveen the single parent of this forum, should experience, something not unlike, that of the pleasurable aspects of child birth. ne pas?

as moderators, we will stake claim, to midwifery of nascent relationships, whether it be platonic or romantic (we do have a couple of irons in the fire on that front, to the best of my knowledge).

sundara, durga, venkat, how did you plan to identify yourselves? did you plan to wave a particular coloured flag? or wear some type of flowers in your ears? or perhaps some other unique method of identification?

sitting so far away, and comfortable in my anonymity, i find this phenomenon, hugely fascinating as well as entertaining.

good stuff.

thank you.

ps.. in other forums, where i still maintained anonymity, there were meetings between members, most of which turned to be பூஸ் வாணம்ஸ்.

after the initial salutations, the members were all tongue tied shy. :(
I just asked some of the organisers roaming around about Mr.Soundararajan and they immediately took me to him.

Durga didn't ask the question inspite of his extrordinary poetic talent and missed out.

Age matters in such circumstances:)

Durga just a joke. Please don't mistake.

All the best
Shri Kunjuppu ji, Shri Praveenji, Patrons, Moderators & All

Very kind of you Shri Kunjuppu ji, for the choicest nice words about the festival at Vaaniar Mandapam, Mylapore, in connection with Skanda Shasti Celebrations, organized by our Thiruppugazh Sabhai.

I chose to post the invitation, since there could definitely be Thiruppugazh lovers in this website. Thanks to the admin. and the higher ups of this website, for having permitted me this posting, and the encouraging words.

Thanks & Regards to one and all.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Dear Kunjuppu Sir,
What ramani sir said is perfectly right. I felt bit shy. The main thing is the age group. I could not find anyone near 30. Also, it would not be a tough task to find out soundarrajan sir, as a single enquiry is enough. I didn't take the effort becoz of the abovementioned reason. Ramani sir, I miss to see you.

Soundarrajan sir, as you said you also sit in last bench, you might saw me. I was the guy, who recited kandar anubuthi in loud voice wearing orange colour shirt.

Kunjuppu sir, it is not that much tough to find out a person I think. We will possibly arrange a meeting and meet all soon...


please understand, that it folks like yourself, venkat, druga, (just to quote from these few posts) who do honour the forum with your participation and sharing.

having said that, i have a special fondness for skanda sashti kavasam.. here's a story..

when we were expecting our first born, circa 1983, my wife, who is none too religious, woke up early one morning in her pregnancy, and asked me to get a tape of skanda sashti kavasam.

1983 toronto was not multicultural slanting towards tamil culture. only punjabis, muslims, chinese apart from whites. the lankan tamils came only since 90s.

i hunted all over, and finally found one sri lankan tamil gentleman who had a copy for his own use. he was more than happy to make a copy for me. to satisfy the கரு within my wife.

the said கரு is now 26 year old young man.. and once in a while my thought goes to that day in winter, when i rushed all over toronto looking for a copy of skanda sashti kavasam.

there is always a story in every day of our life..is there not?
Yes Kunjuppu sir

When i was a small kid, am unable to pronounciate the word "ka". Instead I used only "ta". This remain still studying second or third standard. My mom is an ordant devotee of muruga. Everyone make fun of me for this syllable change. Finally, my mom taught me a sloka on muruga, "anbarukku anbane ne va va muruga..." like this it goes. I say muruta muruta. One day for my surprise, I said muruga. The first "ka" I said was his name only.

Other incident: when we were in periakulam, we usually go many times to pazhani. But after we settled here, my mom (who usually needs someone to go out) did not went even vadapalani temple. One day for a marriage reception, my brother took her in vehicle to mandap at vadapalani. On the way, he showed the temple and said to mom that we will go to temple next time due to time and traffic. She got disappointed and said to him that, "let muruga himself will come and see me". To make her words true, a wooden idol of muruga was given to her in the same marriage function as a presentation. They have so many small idols and gave each one with a nice packing. My brother got a vinayagar idol. But, as a coincidence my mom got her favourite muruga idol. She likes murugan that much. Even if anyone scold him, she will turn furious. I always make fun on him to tease my mom. Anyhow, we have so many such experiences when we started thinking of god sir.

One of the positive points in the function yesterday which I noticed was people belonging to all communities were singing in one voice `Tiruppugazh Stanzaz'. I earnestly feel that we have to promote Tamil Compositions in the concerned temples, Devaram, Thiruvasagam, Divya Prabhandam, Tiruppugazh etc so that it will bring integration of all the communities within Hinduism together.

Generally if we recite in sanskrit, it automatically termed as belong to our sect only. Whereas Tamil compositions is being felt as belonging to all.

All the best
I agree with Ramani sir in this regard. They all sang in a single voice. One thing is they all sang the thirupugazh in different ragas. What I feel (my view only) is thirupugazh is much famous for its "chanda nadai" only. While singing this as a song, I think it losts its nadai. For example, I like a thirupugazh very much "Sarathe yudhithai yurathe guthithe samrthodethirthe varu soorar..." it goes like murugan himself is fighting there infront of us. While singing you will lose that particular Bhava. It again turned as usual music kutcheries. We can sing some songs like that. But the basic "chandam" should be followed. Even if you read with that chandam, it sounds great. "thanathana thanathan thimithimi thimithim thadutudutudun" Think of these verses as singing a song???

Few photos of the Skanda Shasti function at Vaniar Mandapam


My special thanks to Durga & Shri RVji for their presence on the first day of the above function (The function was for six days.) Few phtographs (5 Nos.) taken at this function are attached for view by the members. The function was grand. I also thank all the Moderators,for permitting the postings on this festival.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்


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I was searching Sri RV and Sri Durga in the photos, sorry as I don,t know them in person , no way to recognise..

Maraindu nindre parkum.........


Shri Suryakasyapa ji,

Thank you very much for having gone through the photos.

Both Sarvashri RVji & Durga are not in the photos. Kindly go through the first three postings in this thread, which will explain the reason for their non-presence in the photos.

[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ் [FONT=&quot][/FONT]
Thanks Sri Sondararajan,

I caught up with the missed posts and stand clear.

Really the power of networking ,or shall I say whole globe is a village?

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