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Siruvachoor Madhurakali Amman - Jaya Mathurashtakam

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Jaya Madhurashtakam
- By
Semmangudi Muthuswami
Sri Muthuswami was the first priest of this temple and lived before 1920. He was generally called Semmangudi Swamiyar (Sage of Semmangudi)

Translated by P.R.Ramachander

Jaya Madhurashtakam-I

Eka vasthre shiki jwala shike shubhe,
Vama roope kapala dahane, sarvaabharana

She who wears one cloth, who has a hair similar to crest of peacock,
Who does good. Who has left sided form, who burns skulls,
Who decorates herself with all different ornaments,

Kroora damshtre , raktha malye, ashta dasa bhuja kare,
Mangale , kaarane , maathe , mathar bale , rakshake,

She who has cruel teeth, she who wears red garlands,
She who has eighteen hands , she who does good,
She who is the cause , she who is the mother,
She who is the power of mother, She who protects,

Kunkuma priye guna vaasine , kula vrudhi kaarane , sriye,
Soola damarukam chaiva kapala pasa dharine.

She who likes kumkum, She who lives in good qualities,
She who helps the clan to increase, She who is goddess Lakshmi,
She who carries trident , drum , skull and a rope.

Jaya Madhrashtakam -II

Omkara roopine , sakthi vara roope varaaye,
Sukhasane Chamunde , sundari yogadheeswari.

She who is of the form of Om, She who is the form of blessed Shakthi,
She who gives boons, she who sits pleasantly , She who killed Chanda,
She who is very pretty , She who is the goddess of Yoga

Simha vahana priye , devi, Shyama varne cha sambhavi,
Madhura kali , masana vase , mathruka , maha mangali,

She who likes to ride on a lion , She who is the goddess,
She who is black in colour , she who makes things happen,
Sweet kali , she who lives in cremation ground,
She who is the ideal, She who is great goodness,

Seer vachoor vasa priye , seegra vara mandithe,
Poorva punya darsane devi, maha mangala darsini,

She who likes to live in seer vachoor , she who gives boons speedily,
She who can be seen only with accumulated punya, Goddess,
She who sees that greatly good things will happen.

Jyothir maye , jaya kalike , dukha nasana priye, Shive,
Janma labha vare , kanthe , madhure , jyothi roopine,

She who is full of light , She who is the victorious Kali,
She who likes to destroy sorrow , She who is the consort of Shiva,
She who gives the boon of profit , she who is the consort,
She who is sweet , She who is of the form of light,

Jaya Madhurashtakam -III

Sarva klesa nasine , mathe , savithri , Abheeshtanugrahe,
Shodasanugrahe , devi ,bhakthanugraha archithe,

She who destroys all sufferings, mother, Savithri,
She who blesses fulfillment of desires,
She who gives sixteen type of blessings,
Goddess, She who blesses devotees who worship her.

Yeka masam shukra vare soubhagyam kali darshanam,
Shukra soma dhanam japithwa sarva mangala nidhi bhagyatham.

If chanted on all Fridays for a month, you would get all luck and see Kali,
If chanted on all Fridays and Mondays all the good and treasure will be received.

Ashta poornam japeth nithyam Ashta sidhi prapthitham shubham,
Ithi sri mauthuswami jihwa dwara jaya madhurashtakam sampoornam.

If daily it is chanted eight times all the eight occult powers would be received.
Thus ends the octet called Jaya Madhura , written by Sri Muthuswami
kindly post the Jaya Madhurashtakam in sanskrit or hindi or tamil
Siruvachoor Mathurakali Amman

kindly post the Jaya Madhurashtakam in sanskrit or hindi or tamil

This is an ancient temple. It appears according to some history, the temple was constructed
by the Chola King Darma Varman when he was blessed with a child. In fact, according to some
legends, when Adhi Shankara was passing through Madhira Malai, for want of thirsty, rested under
a tree for a few minutes. At that point of time, Ambal appeared before him quenching his thristy.
It was Adhi Shankara installed the Deity which appeared before him and that is now available in
the Temple. Subsequently, Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra installed the Srichakra. The Ambal is also
the Kula Deivam of Maha Periyaval of Kanchi Kamakoti. Another version is when Kannagi came down
to Siruvachur, Chelliamman who stayputs at the Madhira Malai wanted to her stay at Siruvachur
after killing the Devilman Charugan. It is also mentioned in some places that Lord Shiva sent
Goddess Parvathi to Siruvachur in the form of Mahakali to kill the Devilman and stay at Siruvachur
to protect the local people. If everyone chants Sri Mathurakali Suprapadham and Jaya Mathurashtakam
daily, prosperity will be at home and devotees will have peaceful and happy life. Since the Temple is
open only on Mondays and Fridays, a visit will draw the devotees to see her frequently and seek her
blessings. In fact, the devotees who worship her as their Kuladeivam, normally do angapradakshinam
whenever they visit and offer her Mavilakku Mavu without fail. To conclude for the benefit of
devotees, I humbly submit a Gayathri which I chant regularly.

Om Sri Mathurakali ayicha Vidmahe, Sarva Siddiayicha Demahi
Thanno Sakthi Prachodayadh

A stansa from Mathurakali Sthuthi

Thvam Bala Thripura Para Sulalitha
Prathyankira Sarada
Vachameeswari Chandiga Cha Bagala
Jwalamukhi Vaishnavi
Lakshmi Neela Saraswathi Cha Vijaya
Sagambari Channatha Sarvah Thvam
Sri Mathurambike Vijaya se Suprapadam Sivam

Samarpanam to Shri Mathurakaligambikayai Namaha

Suguna Balasubramanian
Ambattur Chennai
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