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Single Brahmin and Three Brahmins-Inauspicious?

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It is a generalisation made on sombody's personal experience in the past.

For instance, a person got a fever. That day, he had eaten 4 puris for breakfast. So, he concluded whoever eats 4 puris for breakfast will get fever.

How does that sound?
Of course both were rediculous. There are other rediculous things followed by some people even today like a) seeing a widowed woman when you step out b) a cat crossing your path when you go out . In my city one of my friend's family follow these practices eventhough his two sons are working in US and Singapore. He himself is a retired central govt officer. When all these people are going to change?
these are things decided by people of our old ages. Certainly, I could not find anything to worth with these. They will be having their own jobs. A cat will be having its won job to catch a mouse, on seeing us it will be getting caught by a dog. Shall that cat says that this happend becoz of this man???. If a work does not happend, that is purely because of our negative points, our karma and our carelessness. This is a way of escapism putting blames to others.

"Ada theriyadavaluku Mitham Konal"

I used to ask for explanations for these things in my childhood. What I understood at that time was:

One brahmin alone ( a priest ) goes only for a funeral. For other mangalakarmas he may be accompanied by other brahmins and priests.Hence if only one priest is seen it was taken to be not good and indicating a death news.

About 3 brahmins, I am hearing first time now. May be 3 brahmins will not come to an agreement and go on discussing without end, and no result.That much unity.Hence it may not be a good Sakuna.

( There are written books for Sakunams.Astrologers or others in the field can explain)
I think we brahmins had lots of superstitions and amongst them are these. Even now very well known luminory brahmins are followers of such notions. I can quote a lot and the names of such persons also. But I refrain from doing so for maintaining privacy. Perhaps after 200 years from now, if they live, they may change their outlook.
I have heard people say that it is inauspicious to

1.encounter single Brahmin when you step out
2.Not to go to any place as an assembly of three Brahmins-"Na Gaccheth Brahmana Thrayam"

It looks ridiculous isnt it? are we decrying ourselves?

Any reactions?

It is an interesting topic. I am recalling my experiences in my village..

There was one gentleman in our street. Whenever I saw him walking towards me when I step out of my house, I had a bleeding injury; it happened every time. However, few years later, when ever I saw his son walk towards me when I step out, the task I step out to do was completed successfully, every time. Ironically, the younger one would try stand aside so that he would not walk towards me; I always assured him that it was auspicious to see him. Of course, it was supertitious, but I thought I would write about my experiences.

About 3 gentlemen? I have heard about that; but never paid any attention to that.
Raghy ji

Haven't you heard the proverb, "Kakka ukara panampazham vizhundadu", it may be like that. Never consider sagunams and nimithams more and more than an extent. Might be taking a cat's motion as sagunam, doesnt harm cat in anyway. But, saying like othhai brahman and three brahmanns may hurt them also. In particularly, doing like on seeing widows really hurts them. So, shrink sagunas.

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