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Singapore beckons !

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Singapore likely to hire 60k Indian professionals in 2011 - The Economic Times

60,000 hirees from india for this year from singapore. india provides 20% of singapore's annual rqmt of professionals.

i think a large number of tambrams are opting s'pore to the west. or am i wrong?

the only gripe that i have heard from s'pore sources is: that we are insular & do not mix with the s'pore tamilians.

Dear K,

When we talk of S'pore and Tamilians we may not be correct in assuming that all are naturally tabras, right?
Whatever feedback I've received all these last few years is that while many Tamilians are only too willing to earn S'pore $ and amass Rs., they do not innately like the scrupulous adherence to law required there. (I understand that after LKY even these law enforcement is tending to be the Indian way :)).

As for tabras, including Pattars, while they very much like the western way of life, the freedom, opportunities and all which are available in S'pore, the tabras feel a certain sense of guilt after enjoying these. One youngster wittily told me that "நம்ப ஆட்கள் அங்கெ வந்து ஜோரா enjoy பண்ணுவா, but, after they do it, they probably feel guilty — something like your having gone to a high class call girl and enjoyed all you wanted to but feel remorse when you come back to see your conservative wife who will never understand your desires."

Then probably, our tabra folks start becoming doubly zealous in decrying s'pore, materialism, westernization and Americanization, etc. This seems to me to be true because I know the youngster is a bohemian and சொன்னா கேக்காத பயல், but honest.
i think a large number of tambrams are opting s'pore to the west. or am i wrong?
You may be right there.
The reasons as espoused by some are;
- four hours flight to India
- similar livings conditions to India (maids to assist at home et al) - no culture shock
- easy to commute to all the other countries in the region (for business)
- more money on hand

The reasons, as I see it, why Singapore is not the ideal place are:
- It is not exactly a free country
- Racist views of some Chinese towards Indian citizens
- small place
- standard of living (lifestyle) when compared to other places outside India
- compulsory military service for males
Dear K:

I have many relatives and friends in Singapore and Malaysia -

Yes, S'pore is much much better than Malaysia or Chennai financially speaking; but immigrant citizens in S'pore are not that happy after a few initial years.. they believe that S'pore...

1. It's a land of Slaves - workers have not much of Labor Law Protection. Management can do anything with the workers and their pays and benefits... if cheaper non-immigrants are available, you will be asked to leave without any mercy!

2. It's a Police State

3. Military service is compulsory for ALL males - you will be called anytime to do "routine services" even when there is no War.

4. Malaysians are much happier than S'porians, though they are not that richer!

5. Many S'porians would love to settle in Canada or US if there is a way!

5. Many S'porians would love to settle in Canada or US if there is a way!

Guys and Girls!
Come to Australia!
It is better than US in terms of medical care & social security.
It has better climate (for an Indian) compared to Canada.
Hi, I have been living in Singapore for the past 4.5 years. I would say it offers the best in terms of standard of living, safety, education, freedom. I haven't come across a single instance of racism so far, though I hardly have to mingle with the locals in my workplace or my apartment. However i do enough public transport to realise that there isn't any. I can send my sons to school without any fear for their safetly, all take care well.

Ya, militiary service is there. But it is not like you'll be called anytime. After all, Singapore is not Israel. You have to 2 years mandatory training, which I am told what that is taught in those 2 years are very useful for one's life. After that it is 60 days per year i believe that too mostly at your discretion.

I won't even compare Malaysia with Singapore when it comes to living standards. Chennai is better than most places in Malaysia when it comes to living standards.

The only issue for me is the size of the place. After 4.5 years i feel bored sometimes for the lack of options.

No personal experiences for me in Canada,Australia, But what i can tell you is there are so many Britishers moving to Singapore these days living on a long-term basis. That tells you a thing or 2 about Singapore.

Overall a very good option for Brahmins. No one will regret coming here.


all my relatives there in s'pore, echo your sentiments. no regrets.

the military service, the feel, is good. it builds some stamina, self discipline in the boys, and helps them to be on their own, and how to live away from mummy's thayir saadham. also, the weekends, you can come home.

job opportunities are plenty. there is not much political freedom, but much like in india, our community appreciates good governance, over freedom of speech. atleast i think so.

there is only limited seats in the two universities there, and there is the quota system for indians. all my relatives send their children to uk or usa or australia for undergraduate education. apparently they make enough money to afford this. on return, the kids have found jobs without any effort.

re marriage: most still marry through the arranged marriage way. that is one reason why tambrams love this place, i guess. though there are instances of marrying chinese or malay, but only under hindu rules.

all of them have maids. that appears to be a sign that you have 'arrived'. one had a palghat iyer maid. the others are filipino or indonesian, but these maids soon learn to cook sambhar and rasam.

yes, a large number of westerns are moving to s'pore, and like everywhere, they get 'preference'.

i have relatives from india, both on scholarships and those paying full fees, in NUS. they have only good things to say about the quality of education and accommodation, though on the food front, they find it a bit wanting. the proximity to chennai is a big ++.

i had relatives living in KL. on expat terms. they loved it there as they lived like maharajas, in exclusive gated communities. i do not know how it is for the indian, taking a job and living in malaysia. i heard that life is on a slower pace there than s'pore.

the above adulations, does not mean that i approve of s'pore. i am just saying what i see. it is upto the individual to decide whether s'pore is good for them. i know a few s'pore chinese here in toronto, who hate the place and could not wait to get out. :)
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Singapore has some good universities - no arguments there.
I have visited Singapore a number of times - can't stand the place for more than 2 days at any time.
I can see the attraction of Singapore for people coming from India - my view is that there are better places (countries) to live in if you are allowed to.
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