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Significance of Yagyam

Not open for further replies.

I request all our Experts to help us (young /youth bramhacharis who learn agni karyam) by sharing their knowledge on significance of yagyam.

Questions are :
1 in general why do we do yagyam,

2 what is the importance of yagyam ( not specific yagyam like ganapathy homam, etc),

3 how a yagyam is treated in ancient times,

4 why they use three layer "meykalai", they can keep more brick layer na?

5 is there any reason?

6 why they keep gateway on all the four directions?

7 what is "paris-tharanam" the thread surrounded the kund?

8 what it represents?

9 normally that is the differnence between vaidhekha agni and aaghamam agni?

10 what should be used where?

Please only serious answers
11 the shape of kund (circular, square, yoni, padmam, triangular,???)what it represents?

12 for which deity which shape is to be used?

13 on which occasions (ganapathy homam in temple, home, chandi homam in temple) which shape of kund should be used?

14 if the kund is established in a open area , then if we digg the ground and make a kund, how much depth can be kept, is there any customs/norms/form associated with it..

15 still what all associated with a yagyam in general and specific yagyams .

Please Please Please elders, come up and help us. we youngsters and new generations will loose this way of pooja to god, if you elder ppls not give any clue to us.

i request each and every mama's thatha's to particpate in this forum and put all ur knowledge base on yagyam in this.

Advanced thanks for participation.

With More (Reply) Expectations,
Ramakrishna mutt mylapore chennai had published one book by name ""HOMA VIDHANAM''. Also available in giri trading agency buy it and go through that book.
Not open for further replies.

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