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significance of horoscope matching in brahmin marriages

what is the significance of checking horoscope porutham in brahmin marriages. this question is raised because due to various reasons, horoscope matched by one astrologer does not match with finding of another astrologer in a different location causing in delay of the marriage of children. question is whether sastras call for horoscope matching, how our older generation handled this.
ஆண் ஜாதகத்தில் 2 தோஷம் இருந்தால் பெண் ஜாதகத்தில் 1.5 தோஷம் இருக்க வேண்டும். அதிகமாகவோ குறைவாகவோ இருக்ககூடாது.

லக்கினம், 2,7,8,12 வீடுக்களில் பாப கிரகங்கள் ( சூரியன், செவ்வாய், சனி,இராகு) ஆண், பெண் இரு ஜாதகத்திலும் பாப ரகிஹங்கள் இருக்குமானால் ( ஒன்றோ அதற்கு மேலோ) மண வாழ்வில் தோஷம் விளைவிக்கும். இது லக்னதிலிருந்தும், ச்ந்திர ராசி யிலுருந்தும் சுக்கிர ராசியிலிருந்தும் பார்க்கபட வேண்டும்.

இரண்டாம் வீட்டில் தோஷம் சமமாகாவிட்டால் மண வாழ்வில் சுகமிருக்காது.சொத்துக்கள் நிலைத்திராது.கணவன் மனைவி சுக ஜீவனம் நடத்த முடியாது.லக்கின தோஷம் இருவருக்கும் சமமாகாவிட்டால் இருவரது மனொ நிலை, உடல் நிலை கடுமையாக பாதிக்க படும்
7ம்வீடு தோஷம் சமமாகாவிட்டால் தாம்பத்ய உறவு த்ருப்தி அளிக்காது.8ம் இடம் தோஷம் சமமாகாவிட்டால் அகால மரணமுண்டாகும்
12ம் இடம் தோஷம் சமமாகாவிட்டால் கஷ்டம், நஷ்டம், ஏக்கம், விரக்தி, இஷ்ட பூர்த்தி இன்மை சயன சுக குறைவு ஏற்படும்.
பி.எஸ். அய்யரின் விவாஹ விஞ்ஞானம் புத்தகத்தில் விவரம் உள்ளது. திருமண பொருத்ததிற்கு இது மிக முக்யமானது.

........ On a related note, do shuddha jadakams have doshas?.....​

The horoscope without any dhOsham is known as 'shuddha jAthakam'.

I have a doubt. What is dosha in someone's horoscope. (related to matrimony). Suppose a boy's horoscope has two doshas, is the girl also supposed to have same number of doshas or less? I mean if the boy has 2 doshas and the girl has only 1 dosha, is an alliance recommended?

On a related note, do shuddha jadakams have doshas?

What does dosha mean? What is the significance? Does it affect the person's character, luck etc if the person is not married? Or are doshas to be considered only for marriage purposes?

Warm Regards
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The concept of dosha related to matrimony was most important for brahmins mainly because, a widow was disfigured and treated as a virtual outcaste not eligible for a decent life. So, people were too keen to ensure that their daughters did not become widows.

Towards this end, all points in a girl's horoscope which were potential threats to her living as a "sumangali" were called "doshams" or "pApams". As is the case with most branches of knowledge indigenous to India, the methods for ascertaining the doshams and matching a suitable male's horoscope became very many and the axioms also vary widely. The numerical grading of doshams is more dangerous because the astrologers tend to become highly mechanical in this method. I will not endorse this method.

(Since divorce, remarriage, widow remarriage, etc., have now become accepted practice, I think this dosham concept need not now be given much importance, as we used to in the past.)

Kuja dosham or Chevvai dosham is considered very bad in the south but it was not so in the North till some 100 years ago; kuja or mangal was not seen as such an evil-doer in those parts.

In a nut shell, planets foreboding harm to the husband in the girl's horoscope should be matched - item by item - by equally strong dosham to the wife, in the boy's horoscope.

For example, if the girl is born in Vrischika lagna and has mercury in the seventh house (without any ameliorating factors like Shubha drishti, etc.,) it is a very powerful indication of widowhood; so the boy's horoscope should show very long life and also dosha to wife.

Similarly, a boy with Mesha lagna and venus in the second or seventh house will not have a long life. In such cases it should be ensured that the girl's horoscope has very long married life indicated strongly.
It is a very vast subject and cannot be mastered unless one goes through at least a thousand pairs of horoscopes and studies very ke

we can find out from the horoscope the approximate age for bride and groom. if the groom's age is too low we will say horoscopes are not matching. even though 10 poruthams are there.

the character of both bride and groom can be checked by horoscope. if the character is not good, if the groom is having second marriage
eligibility or illegal affares we will say horoscopes are not matching even though ten poruthams are there.
to find out child birth we have to see only the horoscopes. Astrologers are there who will see only 10 poruthams and tell poruthams is there. other things will happen as per their fate.

on those days each brahmin knows well astrology and they will see all the facters.

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