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Without much ado, let me come to the point. Our Kula Deivam is God A along with Goddess B. God A was known to us for generations while Goddess B was recently told to us. Point is, we had some major upheavals in our family -- believe me, none of which are normal. We have invested considerably in our faith in both A and B ( you know, annual , even monthly visits sometimes, contributing as much as our large or small heart would , blah).Nothing fancy but we have been loyal, daresay.
Problem. On more than 1 occasion, we have been told that our Kula Deivam is neither A nor B but our village Gods. And therein lies the rub. We do not know the native village exactly. I have heard that Kanchi Periyaval used to exactly guide people ( whcih town, which deity etc). Alas, that Paramatma is no longer present.

Please and this is a very serious query -- can anyone guide me to a gentleman who CAN WITHOUT horoscopes ( and based on his divine INTUITION alone - he can use horoscopes as an aid but primarily based on divine intuition) help us in determining the Kula Deivam. I have heard that there are some people in Kerala and also here at Madras. Pl do not give me this story that all Gods are the same. Nor do I want philosophical replies please. I am looking for specific spiritual seers whom you in your personal experience can testify are able to accurately determine Kula Deivam.
Once again, serious query, please. Do not give flippant replies. Need email address or phone numbers of such people.
When I read the title of the thread I thought you were sick and tired of Kula Deivam stuff becos you didnt believe in it and are forced to deal with it and wanted some logical replies if Kula Deivam worship is actually needed.

But it seems that you actually prescribe to the worship of Kula Deivam and want someone to prescribe a solution for you...so hush otherwise you could anger the Kula Deivam!LOL

OK..now I am being serious:

There is a member here by the name kgopalan Sir..As far as I know he does deal with Kula Deivam related situations and has a technique to determine Kula Deivam.

I have sent him a PM for your query....lets wait for his response.

You are a newbie with only 2 posts..so I dont think you can PM him as yet.

So wait for his response and see.
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Please contact me through my skype i.d.. kindly send your date of birth; place of birth; and time of birth.
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