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Shubha Sweekaram after Aabdikam

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It is believed that bad events occur due to griha dosham.So the Navagriha devatahs are propitiated prevent such bad recurrings.That is all.
Doing Udhakasanthi on Subasweekaram day with Pavamana suktham japam and prokshaNam is generally prescribed for both followers of Bodhayanar & Apasthamba rishies. For the bereved family, the asuddhi (theetu) on account of the death leaves only after completion of one year and on the night of Abdheegam day. As soon as asuddhi goes with surya udhayam , the next day is observed as Subha sweeharam. This is only a suddhi karyam. The family is catching subham and as a purification exercise, this udhaka santhi japam takes place. Side by side, navagraha aradhanai also takes place now, as we are afraid of grahas rather than the real god. Because they have firing power. This Udhaga santhi japam depends on getting competent persons (vadhyar group) who can render this udhaga santhi japam. Of late, chanting of suktanis or just navagraha homam is prescribed by vadhyars.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!" _ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Thanks GS. Also agree with sharma that, we have to follow the rituals but knowing why we have to do, will always make us clear & sincere.
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