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Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha in Tamil

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Dear Praveen,

This is in Atharva veda and is very popular in Maharashtra. Almost all the
Maharashtrians know it by heart.

Besides this , Atharva veda has Devi atharvaseesh, siva atharvaseesh and
some more. All these mantras are considered to be very potent.
Sir. It will help if you read the sanskrit version . You can learn the swara
variation which is very important in atharva veda mantras.

I have this sloka with me and we do chant it in the temple during every
Sankatahara Chathurthi. If one reads regularly, it is said that all problems
will start vanishing gradually.

You can go through the Vedanta Spiritual Library and get many more Slokas/Stotras
which you may like to have a glance and read it if your time permits.

This is the same sanskrit ganapathi atharvasheersham na...so doesnt it need the highs and lows...cuz my book of hymns which is in sanskrit has that..i don't know whether it is there or not in this tamil pdf file..since i dont know to read tamil..i read it just by knowing broken tamil and cuz i chant it everyday..that's why i asked if this tamil pdf file has it or not...and if not then is it k without it..?..
To read Atharvashirsha must we be familiar with Sanskrit? I am a non-brahmin who is interested to learn more about Vedas and Sastras.Are there certain mantras are not allowed to be chanted by non-brahmins? This question is for better understanding about the procedures.
Chanting of Mantras

If I am correct Chanting of Mantras can be done by people after taking proper training
from a Guru. As regards Gayathri Mantra, it can be chanted by anyone. It is a prayer
towards Sun God. Sun God is for everyone including for all creatures in the world. The
actual essence of the Gayathri Mantra is that Sun God may grant wisdom to all. Accent
and pronounciation should be correct while chanting. Before you chant the Gayathri,
one has to kindly ensure that they are physically clean and occupy a good and neat place.
Please stop at the hyphanated place and has to be chanted in four steps.

Gayathri Japam

OmBoor Buvassuvaha - Thatsavithur varenyam -
Burgo Devasya dheemahi - Deeyo yonaha prachodayaat

As regards other Mantras, I am not very clear. If I am correct for chanting Vedas, one
has to undergo rigorous training. In some temples, some Pujaris chant simple Mantras to
invoke the God to seek the blessing. If I am correct, if some one desires to chant Mantras,
they have to be chanted in an extremely careful way with full dedication and devotion,
so that the person who chants does not get harmed or affected by the very high level
of energy that gets generated in the process of chanting holy divine bliss precious mantras.
If not properly chanted, sometimes it gives bad effect. Even people who learn properly and
do practice chanting, end it with a humble statement to the God as mentioned herein.

"Mantraheenam Krayaaheenam Bakthiheenam Sureswari
Yathboojitham Mayadevi Paripoornam Thathusthume"

In the nutshell, the person who chants the Mantras makes an absolute surrender to
the God that he he may be forgiven or excused for not chanting the mantras properly
or chanting wrongly or he has falted in his deeds or bakthi, etc, so as to get a
positive result. Therefore, training is must from a Guru.

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