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Shri Agastheeswara swamy temple, Poonthottam

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Yesterday I went to some temples including Thirupamburam, Thirumeeyachur, Sethalapathy Adhi vinayagar temple, Koothanur saraswathy temple and all. When returning from Koothanur, I saw this beautiful temple of agastheeswarar.

The temple is in main road itself and is considered as a "Guru sthalam"

The guru bhagavan (Dakshinamoorthy) here is sitting on a rasi mandalam, which includes all the 12 rasis. Over the 12 rasis, with his hand on the rishaba vahana, Dakshinamoorthy is sitting there.

Daily during Guru horai, special poojas are done in this temple. Thursdays are also very special. Local people says that this temple is equivalent to Alangudi.

But nowhere I have seen such a glorious look of dakshinamoorthy sitting over all these 12 rasis.

Whoever going to Koothanoor saraswathy devi temple, just have a look on this temple also.


Dear Sri "Durgadasan",

Your post on the Temples around Nannilam reminds me of my visit to Koothanoor and Thirumeeyachur, (திருமீயச்சூர்) couple of years ago. It was a rainy day during Dussarah, we were there late in the evening. The narrow village roads were crowded with pilgrims and vehicles. I preferred to wait in the Car at Koothanoor while others in the family visited the Temple. The road side shops were selling School notebooks and writing instruments that were getting blessed by the Sri Saraswathi in the Koothanoor temple. But I had the Darshan of Sri Lalthambika at Thirumeeyachur where continuous Sahasranama Kumkuma-Archanai was performed to the beautiful Vigraha of the devi fully decked with flowers and jewellery. The temple is quite a large one, built by the Cholas.
It was a memorable experience.
Dear Brahmanyan Uncle

That is the temple,where 8 vakdevis including Vasini started telling this Lalitha sahasranama for the first time in this earth. This is the first temple in this regard. Also, the speciality of this temple is this is one among the three temples of padala petra sthalams, where 2 temples are present within the single temple.

1. Thiruvarur
Temple 1: Thiruvarur
Temple 2: Thiruvarur Araneri

2. Thirumeeyachur
Temple 1: Thirumeeyachur Perunkoil
Temple 2: Thirumeeyachur Ilankoil

3. Thirupugaloor (where appar swamigal attains mukthi)
Temple 1: Thirupugaloor
Temple 2: Thirupugaloor Varthamaneeswaram

Also, in thirumeeyachur temple, Ambal wears "kolusu" in her legs. If we request the bhattar, he will show us that.

Since the swami gave his blessings to sun god, this is considered as "Bhaskara Kshetram" also.

The "Keshtrapuraneswarar" statue is a different one which one must see atleast once in their lifetime.

Dear Sri Durgadasan,

Since I had been to Thirumeeyachur late in the evening, that too on a rainy day, I could not enjoy the seeing all the Prakarams in detail.

Temples are repositories of our culture of the bygone era. By the grace of God,I am fortunate enough to visit many Temples small and big in the erstwhile "Choladesam".

I have been to "Tirupugaloor", where "Sri Appar Peruman" attained "mukthi". At that time of my visit the Temple was under renovation.
I have also been to "Thiruchengatangudi" on the annual festival day , about which I have written in my Blog.
Interestingly these two Temples are under the management of "Velankurichi Athinam" in Tirunelveli District.

Very near to these Sivasthalams is the Temple of Sri Sowriraja perumal at Thirukkannapuram famous Vaishnava Divya desam. It is a large beautiful Temple with equally large Pushkarani. I would consider it, a must for pilgrims to visit this Temple, which is also famous for its prasadam "Muniyotharan pongal" rich in ghee.

Best Wishes,
There is a Panchamuga Anjaneya Temple at Vadagudi - very close to Nannilam.

Very famous Siva Temple at Srivanjiam (just 6 Kms from Nannilam). The presiding deity is
Lord Sri Vanchinathar and Ambal Sri Mangalambigai. It is a renowned Kshetram of Chola
Kings period. There is a separate Sannathi for Lord Yama here. It is treated equivalent to
Kashi (Varnasi - Benaras). People who die in this village do not have Lord Yama bayam and
they do not suffer any pain. This Kshetram gives Mukthi.

good morning ,to the post 6 ,refers ,i have read lots of information regarding this temple (if any person \ patient is in serious state ,it is stated to do arcahani & lit lamp in all 3 deities ,its very helpful .i have read this through sri a.m. rajagopalan ,very famous astrologer for many decades now too he does this without any cost ,he is the editor of kumadam jyothidum. in general it is stated as to lit a lamp in temple \house when a known person is not well ,its my own experiance when i was working in hospital in chennai ,one of staff was hit by lorry , he was admitted in hospital ,so i with faith on the ultimate power lit lamp in near by lord ganesha temple ,by gods grace he was out of danger ,and back to his work with in months .)work &profession are different from ones own faith.
What is mentioned in the above thread is exactly true in many cases. The Oil Lamp
which we light at home has a very great significance and it denotes spirit and spiritual
ideas since ancient times. The Lamp in Hinduism is considered as a Female form of God
and some decorate it at home with "Pavadai" dress and do perform Puja and Worship.
Light is the first and foremost manifestation of God. The Lamp holders preferably must be
mud and not made of Stainless Steel or Steel. Lighting of Lamp assumes removal of
obstacles, evil effects, etc. Some people do it in the Temples in great number according
to their desire or as per astrologer's directives. The Oil Lamp produces Aura of Energy.
Deepa Aradhana too in the Temples has importance and significance after doing preliminary
Pujas. Different kinds of Deepam are lit. Maha Deepam, Alankara Deepam, Naga Deepam,
Vrushaba Deepam, Purusha Mruga Deepam, Soola Deepam, Kachapa (Tortoise) Deepam,
Vyakra Deepam, Simha Deepam, Dwaja Deepam, Mayura Deepam, Poorna Kumba Deepam
(Five rows one below the one), Nakshtra Deepam, Meru Deepam, Pancha Muga Deepam,
etc. Thamarai Thiri has its own sanctity. We can use Ghee, Iluppa Oil, Ellu (Gingely) Oil,
besides certain permitted mixture of Oils, etc. When Shodasa Deepam is presented to
the Deity, the relevant Mantras or basic Mantras has to be chanted according to the Deity.
There are many procedures while presenting the Deepams to the Deity. It has to be
started from the foot (Thiruvadi) to Forehead, Eyes, Nose in a pattern of Pradakshinam.
The first round is for the World's goodness, the second one for the Village and the third one
is for the Country. Neerajana Deepam is to be preferably done by Ghee with Thiri but
Camphor is also shown, but one should use a good Camphor. Camphor denotes Agni Roopam
of God.

Both yama and sani were born to sun at Tirumiyachoor(lalithambal temple). garudalvar, Arunan , Vaali and Sugreevan were also born here.There is a belief that yama used to here visit at 12hrs noon daily.To increase one's life span Pirandai sadham is offered as naivedya and distributed to the devotees at that time
Both yama and sani were born to sun at Tirumiyachoor(lalithambal temple). garudalvar, Arunan , Vaali and Sugreevan were also born here.There is a belief that yama used to here visit at 12hrs noon daily.To increase one's life span Pirandai sadham is offered as naivedya and distributed to the devotees at that time

Yes. The above version is true. I hail from the area nearby i.e. Nannilam. I have visited
the above temple quite often. One should visit this Temple atleast once in life.

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