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Shanti Muhoortham etc. for Tamil Brahmins - only at appointed times?


I hope this is not a weird question. I believe in the olden days when people mainly lived in villages, dates were set not only for the Shanti, but also generally for when a couple could be together at night. This meant that they got together only on appointed, auspicious days...with obviously the full knowledge and perhaps the instigation of the in-laws etc. The loss of spontaneity would have been made up for by the positives through birth control I guess.
Do people know of this - through direct experience or through the experiences of the older generations? Is there any text which would give info on this?
Ladies fromm the first day of their period time to the 16th day only they can conceive. From 17th day upto starting of next 'period; they cannot conceive.2,4,6, like even days male child will borrn. 1,3,5 odd days female child will born. from the starting of 'peroid' upto 4 days and on new moon, full moon days, astami, ekadasi, dwadasi,chathurdasi, madha pirapu, on janma nakshathra day they should not take intercourse.

from the starting of 'period' 5th day if they take intercourse daughter will born, 6th day son with less intellect; 9th day good daughter; 10th day good son; 11th day adharmam seyyum daughter; 12th day better son; 13th day daughter with prostitute habit; 14th day excellent son; 15th day excellent daughter 16th day sakala nargunamulla son.

If male gens are more male child and if female genes are more female child will born. do not take intercourse during day time and during midnight, during sandhya kalams.garbha upanishat is explaing about garba vridhi.

muhurtham day for shanthy muhurtham; days: monday,wednesday, thursday and friday.Birth star day is not acceptable.in the rasi chart 1,7,8 places should be empty. Lagnam: uthamam; mesham.kadagam,thulam,makaram. madhimam:lagnas aspected by subha graham except simmam and vrichigam. THITHI; dwithiyai;thruthiyai; panchami;shasty;saptami;dasami;ekadasi;dwadasi;thr yodasi;

NAKSHATHRAM;: UTHAMAM: rohini;uthiram;hastham;swathy;anusham;uthrada,thir uvonam;sadayam;uthratadhi;revathy. Madhimam: aswani; miugasirsham;punarpoosam; poosam;chithrai;avittam;

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