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Shaneeswarar temple in thirunallar

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One of the most popular Shaneeswarar temple is located at Thirunallar near Karikal
The greatness of this temple is attributed to the unique idol of Lord Sani as he stands Blessing the devotees. "Abhayahastham". this is very rare and there fore thousand of devotees who believe that they are badly affected by Shani visit the shrine to get his blessings and to get rid of their problems, as it is believed that Shaneeswarar is one among the navagrahas who create problems & difficulties in life.
The actual name of this temple in Karikal is Sri Dharbaraneswara Swamy Temple and is also poularly
known as Saneeswara Bhagawan Temple.The main temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva..But the Shani Shrine has become more popular than the main Shiva Vigraham primarily due to belief of devotees that by praying at
the Shrine of Sani will remove all obstacles,miseries in life.
Legend says that Lord Nala was relieved of all sufferings after praying in this shrine.
Believed to have been built in the 7th century, the temple also has small shrines dedicated to other GODS.

Thirunallar Sani Temple is located about 5kms west of Karikal on pondicherry state
There are direct buses from Chennai to Thirunallar via Tindivanam, Pondy,Chidambaram,Karikal.
Nearest Railway station is Mayiladuthurai, There are quite a few good hotels in and around the temple.
The Nearest Railway station for this temple is Nagapattinam / Nagore and not Mayiladuthurai.
Nagapattinam is about 18 kms and Nagore is just 13 kms from this temple.

Thiruvarur Junction is also closer and may be around 20 kms.

Mayiladuthurai may be between 25 to 30 kms from Thirunallar.

Any way for people coming from Chennai may catch Connecting buses from Sirkazi which will be around 25 kms from Thirunallar.
Thirunallar is very easily accessible from Karaikal.Karaikal Bus stand has many buses plying to Thirunallar.Travel time would be a max of 30 mins.The bus stops right outside the Temple.I am just back from Thirunallar and had a good time.Anybody has any queries,do feel free to contact me.
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