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Sevilimedu - Ramanuja met Vishnu and Thayar in disguise

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3-4 kms from kanchi varadarajar temple on the way of vandavasi, is a
place called Sevilimedu, where the Lord Varadarajan and thaayar
disguised as hunters and saved Ramanujan from a forest in the North !
Disguisd thayaar asked for water , Yathirajar went into the well and got
some water, but the couple were missing. He was surprised to see the
Temple Gopurams of Lord varadaraja! From that day, by the words of
Tirukkachi nambi, Ramanuja get water from that well and do
thiruvaaradhanakrama for Varadarajan.

Till now, the first pooja for lord varadaraja’s thiruvaaradhanam is done with that water in the well.

Good thing : TVS company has started to protect the well by wall !

Bad Thing : Many of our vaishnavas dont know that and That sannithi
for Ramanuja is recovered from ill doing people some 4-5 years back and
a guy is taking care of that sannithi for the past 5 years. The worst
part of that is the sannithi belongs to varadarajar temple trust, but no
one from the temple is ready to maintain that sannithi. The
electricity bill for that sannithi is paid by a tea shop guy, flowers
are given by some people.
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