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Seven Emendations of the Text of the Rig Veda

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We talk of Yugas. There is an interesting information about it.
The Yugas are divided into : Sathya Yuga, Thretha Yuga, Dwapara Yuga,
Kali Yuga. The period of each Yuga :
Sathya Yuga - 17 Lakhs 28,000 Years
Thretha Yuga - 12 Lakhs 96,000 Years
Dwapara Yuga - 8 Lakhs 64,000 Years
Kali Yuga - 4 Lakhs 32,000 Years
All these are clubbed together is known Chathur Yuga
The Yugas continue without termination.
We live in Kali Yuga in the year 5112.
The birth cycle continues.

Source : Dinamalar

Most cultures imagine the world to be few hundred human generations old. Hardly anyone guessed that the cosmos might be far older, but the ancient Hindus did. -Carl Sagan, the distinguished Cornell University astronomer, astrophysicist and Pulitzer prize-winning author.Time-scale in Hinduism « Rang Barse
We also come across to read that our ancient philosophies (like Bhagvad Geetha) have an influence
on Physicists. References to Indra Dhanush, Brahma Astra etc are yet another examples to Time-Scale
of our religion. The great revered Manu - His Laws, are outlined in Vedic Texts. It is also learnt
that 'Kalpa' is also one of the yard sticks of Time-scale (1 Kalpa is about 4,320,000 years or so).

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