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Serious Men by Manu Joseph

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I recently read a book (fiction) Serious Men by Manu Joseph. Manu Joseph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This novel is set in Mumbai and the main stage is based (IMHO) on Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (which the author calls it as Institute of Theory and Research)

Manu Joseph's controversial tale of caste wins Indian literary prize Hindu Best Fiction award panel praises 'panache' of Serious Men, the divisive story of a Dalit who spins lies about his son
Manu Joseph's controversial tale of caste wins Indian literary prize | Books | guardian.co.uk
A nice book review and interview with the author is in Huffington Post
Anis Shivani: Manu Joseph, Author of "Serious Men" (Interview)

Manu Joseph is not afraid of controversies (live every other writer). He is against organized religions and against brahmins (may be he should start sharing his views in this forum too! :) ) - He writes a column called Letters from India (in New York Times)
http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/18/world/asia/18iht-letter18.html (for example)
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