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September 2

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Today September 2, is a significant date in the history of Gregorian Calendar, which is being followed by most of the Countries for official purposes. It was on Wednesday, September 2,1752, Great Britain and its Colonies advanced 12 days in the Calendars by The British Calendar Act, 1751, to keep in pace with other Countries in Europe. Consequently changed from Julian Calendar, named after Julius Caesar, to Gregorian Calendar, named after Pope Gregory XIII, who adopted this system to correct errors in Julian Calendar. Thus next day Thursday was changed to September 14, 1752, skipping 12 days overnight. Even though Gregorian Calendar corrected the number of days per year as 365.2425, it is still perceived not accurate. Many Countries follow their own traditional systems of calendars basing on Solar or Lunar Cycle. Calendar is an interesting subject which mixes Scientific observation of Astronomy and Astrological beliefs. posted on Wednesday, September 02, 2009.
Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru,created the Rashtriya Panchangam,based on Saha Scientist and Lahiri his assistant.That is why we have the Chitr Paksha Ayanamsa as Lahiri Ayanamsa in vedic jyotisham.But they recommended re-visiting this Rashtriya Panchangam,to coincide with seasonal astronomical changes,like tuning to Decemeber 21/22 as the start of Uttara-Ayanam following which first Pratipadam thithi as a start for new year to synch with vedic calculations.Dunno,if ever we will get there.Thank you.

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