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Separate electorates in TN Assembly - the need of the hour

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Despite forming 3 percent of the total population, Tamil Brahmins have been under-represented in the Tamil Nadu Assembly for quite some time. While Jayalalithaa and S Ve Shekher were the only Brahmin MLAs in the 2006 election, J. Jayalalithaa and R. Rajalakshmi (AIADMK MLA from Mylapore) are the only ones this time around. The MP scenario has been a bit better as we've had ppl like Mani Shankar Aiyar. But a look at the constitution of the Legislative Assembly gives the view that Brahmins are extremely under-represented. Considering the proportion of Brahmins among Tamil people, there should be atleast 5 Brahmin MLAs in the assembly. To solve this problem, I suggest that we make a demand for the following separate Brahmin seats in TN assembly on the pattern of SC/ST reserved seats.

* Three seats in the Cauvery Delta (Mayiladuthurai, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur)
* One seat in Chennai city (pref. Mylapore)
* One seat in Tiruchi city and
* The Ambasamudram assembly seat in Tirunelveli dt.

Such a measure if brought would make it compulsory for parties like DMK or Congress to field Brahmin candidates. (It should be noted that the UPA has not fielded a single Brahmin candidate in TN assembly elections)

P. S.: I am not suggesting any sort of reservations in the services, only in representative institutions of a democratic country.
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here is an article on gurgaon in new york times yesterday.

this is the reality of india. it explains how difficult it is to get proper representation even for a rich middle class city, who appear to have so little political clout.

in order to get reserved representation of the type that you want, you might want to agree to quotas based on population right across the board - education, jobs and every aspect of life.

i suspect that the tambram community, is steadfast against quotas in education and jobs, will be hard pressed to justify, why there should be reservations in electoral seats.

the current reservations in electoral seats, jobs and education for ST/SC is to right historical wrongs.

we as a community, being on top of the caste totempole, are perceived, rightly or wrongly, to be the source of perpetuation of those manu inspired inequalities. we need to come up with solid arguments, i think, than we are 3% of the population and we need 5% of the seats.

just my thoughts on this really intersting post initiated by you. have not heard this type of thinking before this. :)

ps yamanaka and nara might want to press for exclusive seats for atheists too. after all, they might have the support of periyar's followers, and might succeed before you do? maybe. :)
This thread has all the potential to become a battleground for a debate on the reservation system. Let us all get ready with all the அரைச்ச மாவு and grind it again :).

The MP scenario has been a bit better as we've had ppl like Mani Shankar Aiyar.
Is MSA a Brahmin, really :) :)?

Will these really help? Cos once everyone gets their general caste MP then there will be request for subcaste MP.

Most people these days first fight with others..when there is no one to fight with..they fight among themselves.

I have a sincere question here..may be Nara anna can answer me.

Is the situation that bad in India that everyone only thinks of their own caste and community and not as a nation?

If only 1 portion of the society prospers and others rot who will be the consumers?

Its like having a gold shop in famine stricken place.
This thread has all the potential to become a battleground for a debate on the reservation system. Let us all get ready with all the அரைச்ச மாவு and grind it again :).

Is MSA a Brahmin, really :) :)?



mani proudly eats beef and proud of the ir/ic/in marriages in his family per his brother (just scroll down to Brahmanyan's post)


i guess, in the eyes of the government of india, he would be a tamil brahmin ;)
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No! I have not initiated a debate on reservations. I agree that it is improper to provide college seats, government jobs, civil services, etc., on basis of reservation . But politics is something different. Politics is a purely representative institution as MPs and MLAs are elected rather than selected or promoted. This being the case, there is nothing wrong in demanding separate electorates. Sufficient political representation might ensure a voice for Brahmins in the assembly. Atleast, there will not open verbal abuse or physical attacks on Brahmins by extremist factions. Please don't confuse this with reservations as this has nothing to do with it. Politics has nothing to do with merit at all.
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