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Senior men/women forum 60 plus

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Dear Mr. rishikesan,
It is good to note that still some people believe that age and wisdom go hand in hand.
Yes, the senior citizens know by experience what youngster won't be taught in their colleges.
I am sure the elders will be more than willing to share their ideas and guide if necessary those who ask for it.
A Good thought sure to fetch good results.
All the best to you and this new thread!!
with best wishes,
hi srinivasan,

welcome to the forum.

i am 61, and so do qualify your criterion thanks to the number of years spent on this planet. i do not however claim to any wisdom, but would definitely love to see the wisdom of those who possesses the same, in sufficient quantities, and do wish to share it among us.

There are 3 distinct characterestics that you have assigned to those over 60.

The first, as I see it, is maturity. I do not know, if maturity and age necessarily go together. I have relatives in the 70s and 80s, whom, I personally feel, the concept of maturity has passed them by. On the other hand I have seen folks in their 20s, 30s, even in this forum and outside of it, showing a remarkable capacity to look at life’s challenges, weigh the consequences of the alternatives, and be able to select without emotion, what is best under the circumstances.

i have been a participant here for a few years, and whatever i have written, is more defined by my life experiences. what i have found, is that none of my currently held values, are the same as what i held a few years ago. i find myself changing, with exposure to new ideas, and beaten up more by the school of hard knocks, from which i never seem to have any prospect of graduation..

I think the same goes to anyone over 60 here. All of us are products of our upbringings and even more, of our lifetime experiences, particularly those that go dead against, what we have been brought up as cardinal values. To sum up on this, what I feel, is good for the Brahmins, tambrams in particular, is something, some others may feel, is exactly contrary to their welfare. It is the beauty of the forum, that we all participate, and leave it to the public, to sift the wheat from the chaff, and take what is good for them.

What I want to say, is that the model here is not one of elders, holding an audience to rapt attention with their discourses, which is eagerly lapped up by an ignorant and eager youngster. I have found, many a youngster, not only smarter, but better read and more erudite on our traditions than yours truly. Even more I appreciate, their attempt to question some of our nasty past, and in the process evolve into the future Hinduism, bereft of the worst horrors incited by Brahmin lead manu needhis.

In many, re youngster, the problems are those perceived by the elders. I think, it is the gerontocracy, that has calcified itself at some particular age, and yearn for the ‘simpler values’ of those times, and wish to restore ‘order and respect’. One only has to turn the pages to see the rebellion in our own childhood, which we have conveniently forgotten, with the onset of creeky bones and blood sugar.

Thank you.
There is a saying "once a fool always a fool". It is wrong to think that all old men/women are wise. They are not.

Experience does teach one may things. But only if they are willing to learn and have the capacity to absorb or assimilate new ideas.

Talking about experience, when we use to interview people for positions in the company, we always sought people with real experience. Not the ones who have one month experience multiplied over a period of 25 years. The person has reached his limit at the end of one month and then he stops learning.

Does this not mean that there are no fools who are old, so oldies are as a rule, all wise:)


i understood it to be different.

it goes like this: there are all types of fools, young fools, lady fools, mama fools, but nobody can beat being a fool, like an old fool. he is most foolest of all fools.

btw have you seen some of the old buggers, making asses of themselves before pretty young girls, without realizing that they are being laughed at. my daughter tells me, that among the tambram crowd, there are guys, the girls watch out - excessive hugging, feeling and touching.. all saakshaad tambrams. it only shows that there are also perverts in all groups, some going under the guise of fools.
Even though I agree with the sentiments of Mr. K et al, I just would like to present the argument a little differently. I think the young uns have a lot to learn from their elders, and the elders have a lot to learn from the youngsters too.

Hence an open forum where there is a free and clear exchange of ideas regardless of age is the best. Just as the youngsters may pick up some tips on the religion, literature and culture, perhaps the seniors may catch up with the latest fashion, gadget fad and lingo. At a minimum, the elders may be amused by how much the world has changed (or not much at all).

how about 'there is no fool like an old fool' ? :)

Gentlemen, I don't think any of you are fools, or even old (in spirit). An old fool would be one who knows not what he knows not, and each of you are far from that category.
All would accept that the outlook of young & energetic have an edge over the elderly, who are now parents & Grand parents. As we, all have individual roles to play for our families, for the extended families & to the society where we live , & lastly to our country., we do realize that the outlook of life has changed considerably in the last15 to 20 years. None has any control over this.It is a natural, anticipated evolution. WE, SHOULD NOT FROWN, BUT WELCOME IT.

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