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Self- /time and space/-past & future

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14. ‘You’ and ‘he’ — these appear only when ‘I’ does.
But when the nature of the ‘I’ is sought and the ego is
destroyed, ‘you’ and ‘he’ are at an end. What shines then as
the One alone is the true Self.

15. Past and future are dependent on the present. The past
was present in its time and the future will be present too.
Ever-present is the present. To seek to know the future and
the past, without knowing the truth of time today, is to try to
count without the number ‘One’.

16. Without us there is no time nor space. If we are only
bodies, we are caught up in time and space. But are we bodies?
Now, then and always — here, now and everywhere — we
are the same. We exist, timeless and spaceless we.

Reality in Forty Verses --Sri Ramana Maharshi
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