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Self reliance : Tapping Iyer Consumer Power

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I found this write up in a yahoo group for iyers.
Your comments please.
Tapping Iyer Consumer Power

1. Suppose 1000 retired Iyers in a village or town spend Rs.10,000 each per year buying groceries from non-Brahmin businesses, that's 1 crore (10 million) rupees Brahmin consumer power given to non-Brahmin communities. Suppose the average profit in this business (grocery) is 20%, the non-Brahmin community has earned 20 lacs (2 million) using Iyer community money. The non-Brahmin businesses are
so selfish and cunning that they will not hire even one Iyer in their business for a small wage. These 1000 Iyers end up supporting several grocery store owner families who end up making a decent living.

2. If these 1000 Iyers put their money in a non-Brahmin bank for an interest of 4% and the bank invests or loans the money to businesses and make 20% profit, the non-Brahmin community has made 16 lacs in one year on Iyer money. Yet you will probably not find one Iyer employee in that bank.

3. Suppose 1000 Iyers run an average credit card balance of Rs.1000 and pay 19% interest, that is Rs. 190 each or Rs. 1.9 lacs total per year. If they formed a group and had an Iyer fund to borrow this money from at 5% interest, this group would save Rs. 1.4 lacs in one year!

4. Take 1000 Iyers from USA who visit India every year. If they
spend $1250 each, that is $1.25 million business. If the profit in
this business is even as low as 5%, that comes to $62,500 for the
travel agent. One Iyer could do this and has to sell only 1000
tickets in a whole year. It is a good family income for very little
Multiply the Iyer community number by 100, which is a sizable
population of 1 lac Iyers in a city area. The Iyers are now
generating close to 20 crores (200 million) rupees and giving it away
to the non-Brahmin communities. This is no small amount to sneeze at.
In example one, they will support many thousand non-Brahmin families.
In example two, they will support thousands of non-Brahmin jobs in
the banks.
How do the non-Brahmins spend their money? They channel their
consumer power back into their own communities. This is a double hit
for the Iyers. On the one hand, they make money off the Iyer money,
which also they channel into their own communities. They do it
consciously because they are organized. That is why they become rich
while the Iyer keeps losing ground until he becomes destitute and
wears rags. Many Indian communities follow this pattern, the Patels,
the Sindhis, the Jains, the Nadars, the Moothans, the Muslims, the
Christians, and so on. Only the Brahmin in India is left holding the
Is it impossible to make a list of 1000 Iyers in a
town or city in Kerala, get them together and make them contribute
Rs. 50 per month for one year to create an initial fund for their
community? That will be Rs. 6 lacs. Use this fund for various
projects for the uplift of their own Iyer community without employing
one single non-Brahmin.
The non-Brahmins of India have taken over the whole country while the
Brahmins are denied education and jobs everywhere. The Tamil Nadu
Kazhagas have literally driven out all the Brahmins from any
meaningful economic participation in the society. Even the temples
are run by these Kazhagas and they employ a handful of poor Brahmins
in the temples and treat them like beggars. I have personally
observed temples at Rameswaram, Madurai Meenakshi, Pazhani, many
other places. Similarly, the Kazhagas of Andhra have taken over
Tirupati and they control thousands of crores generated out of Hindu
religion. This vast money is used by the Congress government to
destroy Hindu religion and promote Christianity and Islam. Kerala
also has fallen into the hands of the Kerala Kazhagas. Go to
Guruvayoor and check it yourself.
If the Iyers do not wake up and learn how to play the economics and
politics of the land, their children are doomed in a few more years.
No use running to the Middle East, America, Canada, or Australia. The
way the Iyers are going about I am afraid their personal security is
endangered everywhere in addition to economic security. Iyers could
start by learning how to tap into their own community's economic
power for the uplift of their own community."
Friend, All your suggestions are valid. However, by speaking our minds and showing our intelligence like this we have "zero percent reservations" in all systems throughout India (ofcourse, expect our curd rice). My humble request is to "shut-up" and move on with life.
Hi coolchap,

The mechanics of unity within a community is one of the strongest links for it to survive... of course, if one is not bothered with the identity per se, then it is a different matter altogether.

But I agree with the article which kudumi has referred to... as it tells us the other side... a much more corrosive effect on our community by the NBs. I have personally seen Nadars, Chettiars, Naidus, Gounders, Thevars etc... sticking close to their community. Except for brahmins.

Maybe this is the forum where we can vent our feelings in the hope that common sense and unity would prevail in our community, for us, as a community, to progress.

Your remark seems to be sarcastic... as evident from your comment on "Curd Rice" exclusivety to brahmins... but the answer to your post lies in the example itself. You mean that the one thing which brahmins mandatorily consume, is curd which has led to the caricature of our community. But it is also the one thing in which we are united!!! Similarly, let us all be united in our resolve to help our community, which would be the trademark of the "new-gen brahmin".

Of course, I do agree that it is necessary that we carry on with life, but with a lending ear and a helping hand to our own community.

sometimes in pregnancy all that a woman can eat is curd rice...whtz this rubbish abt bringing down curd rice to this state...stereo-typing - that too based on diet is outright silly...when i was growing up sometimes northies wud call southies as idli-vada as though something is wrong with our idlis and vadas...now look at southie restaurants, they are loaded with northies eating idlis and vadas.
Curd Rice acts as a antacid as the last dish,after consuming sambar,rasam,curry,kootu,appalam....lol etc

I still have my yoghurt and sour cream,illatikki mandai vedichudum,ennakku..khe khee.

Of course this Northie thingy...is another stupid divisive nonsense which exists...that is why even though Americans struggle to pronounce our Indian Names,i started to initiate to request the folks to call me using my initials.But some Americans are really super,and pronounce superbly like a native Samskritam Scholar too.

I have great difficulties too,in pronouncing Polish,German,Russian...names..my accent is typical like that of Indian...my looks are typical Indian...lol some even think i am Arabic...abdul kader kkum amavasyathukkum sambandam madri lol....anyways americans are fun and america is a great country..i truly wish India has such technological progression even more rapidly...

sometimes in pregnancy all that a woman can eat is curd rice...whtz this rubbish abt bringing down curd rice to this state...stereo-typing - that too based on diet is outright silly...when i was growing up sometimes northies wud call southies as idli-vada as though something is wrong with our idlis and vadas...now look at southie restaurants, they are loaded with northies eating idlis and vadas.

<<Original Deleted.>>

Shrimati, it is a psychological impact that such generalizations tend to be "carried-on" by the brahmin community itself.

To me this only indicates a weak spirit lacking self-conviction.
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I actually grew my hair and had a tuft here..and growing a beard..which i still sport time to time...totally retired mans life..so totally god intoxicated..just not from Hindu Dharma but all Dharma...but still partial towards Hindus Systems..i still like Vandanam to Lord Ganesha..love the vedic chants..love jyotisham...i mean indians have been so awesome..my only connection or peep was to ancient indian civilisation..our very own Mahaswamigal of Kanchi...and when i see the HH's dragged into mindless litigation....i just say Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara...for their Holiness know how to deal with legal issues,that they face...i hate myself today for voting JJ once upon a time...

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