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Self Realization

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Self Realisation
The purpose of the human life is to realize the Supreme Being and in that attempt we failed often without recognizing the fact that we are part of that Being.

The main purpose of human life is the realization of the Self. Neither gods have the chance to inquire nor the animals have the capacity to realize Self-Nature. That is why gods manifested in the form of human form and realize ultimate truth. Once a saint went to heaven and enquired about Supreme Being and he was answered that they had learned that He dwells in the earth.

The conscious nature differentiate animates from an inanimate ones. There are different degrees of consciousness expressed by the different forms of animate forms. Vedanta divides the degrees in to covered consciousness (plants, trees) shrunken (worms, animals) and budding consciousness (human beings). While the last one, budding consciousness has the potential to bloom while others have not. That is why Vedanta considered human life is a precious one. When at the realized state (bloom state) one can realize that his nature (soul) or Supreme Being nature is the same. That is ONE. Aham Brahmasmi, Tatwamasi or Sivoham bears the same meaning.

While one’s self-identity is mortal because it is restricted by time & space (name, place age, etc.,) and differed to each other, (even the micro organisms like bacteria possesses different self identities within in a culture), the soul (not souls) that has eternal nature crosses all barriers. As the soul has invisible nature, it doesn’t have any particular shape; if it does not have shape that it means it has no boundaries (not limited with space& time); if it does not limited within boundaries it means that there will be sole soul that permeates throughout the universe and perceived by us (by Maya or manifestation) in to numerous souls. When we realize this we become more benevolent and kind to fellow beings. But in actual, delusive nature makes us to feel that our nature is separate from others.

Maya, when we break up this term what we get is (Maa and Ya) while Maa=denotes ‘Don’t or No’ and Ya denotes “from the one which”) the meaning is then, the one which appears is now is not there then after. In other words the one, which is not there in actual, is delusively perceived as there actually.
The Katopanishad says mind is supreme than senses; the intelligence is supreme than mind. One’s own soul is supreme than the intelligence, the Absolute Nature which is invisible is supreme than soul. And ultimately for the above all, Absolute Being is supreme and this attribute less Supreme Being, which pervades and penetrates throughout everywhere. Those who realize Him get salvation. He is the same one who found in micro level in us and without realizing this we are searching everywhere and we failed in the attempt.

In Bhagvat Gita lord Krishna says,”That Supreme being is said to be the light of all lights and entirely beyond Maya (Nature, dark matter). That godhead is knowledge itself, worth knowing, and worth attaining through real wisdom, and is particularly seated in the heart of all”.

There is a story that goes like this, once mount Kailash was accessible to every body as there is no greedy thoughts found in human beings. Over a period of time, human beings cultivated the thoughts of negative and lord Siva has wasted his time to solve their problems in his court. So lord Siva asked his court people, wise men and Rishis how to get rid of these people. One Rishi commented he has to move on moon and another gave suggestion to move on mars. Siva with his third eye found that in future, man can reachable to these places. At last a wise man pointed out that the only one place, which is inaccessible for human being, is one’s own mind. As man’s vision and other senses are devised to focused out side and by this nature, he always search for the Omnipotent outside. So Siva decided to dwell inside in the heart of human being. Without realizing this, we human being are in search of him outside.


This post is good,and said in many of replys that every one should have self realization with the help of a Perfect Living Master. with regards. s,r.k.
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