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Does anybody know the correct step by step process for Seemantham (as per Iyer family tradition)?
I am in US and we plan to conduct the seemantham here at temple. the priest is from Andhra and is an Iyengar.

which part in usa?....i can help u ..if u r in nj/pa/ct/md/va/dc.....any eastern part.....pl mention..i can help u as a iyer priest...

Vide page no.7 in the same thread rituals ceremonies and pooja go through pumsavanam and seemantham heading i have given all the requirements. Pleasr feel free to ask for details.
Udhaka saanthi: permission; ganesa pooja; sankalpam for udhaka shanthi ; place some paady or wheat on the old news paper and place another news paper place some raw rice; place the kudam duly filled with water,elakkai; krambu; pachai kalpooram etc; put one vasthram on the kudam; haaram; apply sandal paste and kumkumam; place mango bunch leaf; koorcham; and coconut.

request 8 or 6 or 4 sastrigals to chant udhaga shanti mantras i.e. aayul increasing manthras, jayadhi manthram; sraddha sooktham; brahma sooktham; nakshathra sooktham, bhavamana sooktham etc; will be chanted by the sastrigals. this will take 3 hours. Then prokshanam and/or abishekam to the pregnant lady.

Then prathisara bhandham= for ladies in the left hand one yellow colour twine nool will be knotted with manthras. (kankanam kattikolluthal) For this navagraha preethi dakshinai; one small brass sombu with water adorned woth nool; mango leaf bunch; coconut; sandal paste; kumkumam;; above wheat and rice place this sombu; requset atleast 4 sastrigals to chant manthras for prathisar bandham . place a nool on the north of sombu above rice the nool pasted with turmeric powder.

sastrigals will chant pavamaana sooktham; varuna sooktham; rudhra sooktham; Brahma sooktham; vishnu sooktham; durga sooktham; sri sooktham etc; and then 3 times chanting namo brahmanae; varunan yatha sthaanam. Then chant surabimathi manthram and ablingathi manthram prokshanam to the nool;Then take veebhuthi and apply to the thread by chanting thryambagam yajamahe 3 times.

then sastrigal will chant 5 manthras agniraayushman etc; by touching the hand then the palm will be filled with rice and fruit and by chanting brahat sama manthram the thread will be knotted in the left hand. by the husband.

Then after wearing the veebhuthi duly chanted with manthras donate dhakshinai to the sastrigals. This may be done in the previous day or on the same day as per your convenience.

Then get permission to do bhumsavanam; ganapathy pooja ; vischinnagni santhanam; aupaasanam; and homam in the aupaasanagni.

paathra sadhanam along with aala mara leaf 2 with 2 aalankai;or aala mara fruit; ; If poosible the aala mara fruit must be picked from the north or east direction of the aala maram. (It is possible only in villages in india). As this is public forum I am giving this information.

Then homam with four manthras and then another homam with4 manthras then jayadhi homam; . Then do graha prrethi dakshina;

Any girl before puberty must grind the aalan kolundhu in an ammi and put it in a new vasthram . pregnant lady must sit down facing east; her husband must stand facing west chant the manthra bhusavanamasi with his thumb in the vasthram spin the vasthram in the right nostril .
to be continued
Then sangalpam for naandhi sratham. Sathya vasu viswedevar 2 sastrigals;pithru varga females 2 satrigals; pithru varga males 2 sastrigals. then mathru vargam 2 sastrigals; then maha vishnu 2 sastrigals; donate them raw rice; green gram dhall plantain kaai; vasthram;thamboolam and dhakshinai according tom the financial status of the individual;

Then punyahavachanam. Then get permission for seemantham graha preethi and with the help of panri mul; pethi leaf bunch; dharbhai vahudu prikka vendum in the head.

Homam with above said 8 manthras and then do jayaathi homam and then praayaschitha homam . do graha preethi wife must sit down facing east husband facing west do vahudu prithal with manthras. Then do phala dhaanam to brahmins, homa upasthaanam aasirvatham and aarathi
othi iduthal mariyathai to sambandhi.

Instrumental music veena cd or dvd can be played. by hearing this the child will have sangeetha gnanam.
dear gopalan,

this is a honest query and please treat it thus.

i am very impressed with your detailed knowledge of our tradition and am awed not only by the depth, but also the sincerety and faith.

as you very well know, re seemantham, we make a big deal of it, for the first child. but in my lifetime, i am yet to see a seemantham for the next child or after that.

does this mean, that the effects of the first seemantham, is carried over to the next pregnancies, so that a seemantham post first delivery is not considered as needed?

i am wondering about this, because i have heard, that next to the wedding seemantham is the most important function for a couple. and it is more important for relatives to be present at the seemantham function, that even visiting the mother when the child is born. personally, for a close relation, when i skipped the seemantham, in anticpation of seeing the baby in a few weeks, i was made to feel uncomfortable for not having my priorities right.

thank you for your response.
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